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Is Jermaine O’Neal enough?

Jermaine O'Neal was pretty good against New York (as we detailed, by the numbers).  And as we wait to see if Shaquille O'Neal will even play, the question asked in this video is… will he be enough moving forward?

My answer, simply, is yes… if he does what he did against New York.  New York is not Miami or Chicago.  They have different players and styles.  But if Jermaine can defend the hoop and alter shots… then he'll be good enough to get the job done. 

That's not to say we can't use Shaq.  Shaq would be a great asset to have even for 15 minutes a game. 

And to address Michael Felger (watch his comments at 1:27)… who has made it his mission to tweak actual Celtics fans this postseason.  His argument is "It's JERMAINE O'NEAL".  Yes.  We're aware of who he is.  But why don't you look at what he's been doing since his return from injury instead of what you thought he might do when we came into this season. 

That was almost eight months ago.  I know you probably haven't watched a full Celtics game in those eight months… but things change.  And right now, the way Jermaine O'Neal is playing, he'll be enough if he can keep it up.

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  • I thought Kristic played great much better defense then usual as well as help the 2nd unit rebounding on both offense and defense. Id like to see him get more minutes in the next series due to our disticant big man advantage over miami Kristic is a 7 footer and Doc shouldn’t forget that even if Kristic just come in to give HARD PLAYOFF FOULS ON LEBRON FROM GAME 1. Plus if shaq comes back imagine the 2nd lineup with him out there. It would be spurts of Oneal Kristic Baby and Green. If green plays small forward then that means u could have two 7 footers out there or play the aggressive energy of big baby with either shaq or jermiane.

  • Jermaine has given us a lot, and continues to, incredibly. But we can’t count on him. Got to make the most of the games he does give us. Got to take care of business this playoffs.

  • Lex


  • A more salient question is “Is JO more than Perkins?” The answer is a clear yes.
    3 points, 6 boards, 3 fouls for the Greatest Center Evah in 27 minutes last night as the Thunder pissed away a sweep.
    I’ll take JO all day over the kind of steaming turd that The $9 Million Man is putting up in the playoffs.

  • Nice job calling out Felger. Drives me nuts listening to him talk about the celtics. Brings no insight. If JO plays the way he has, we got Miami in the bag.

  • Orb

    If we have to see Felger’s face as part of this deal with CSN, I’m all for going back to the old Red’s Army. He’s like that asshole friend you’ve known since grade school, and you and your real friends just never figured out how to get rid of him. Only in this case, I haven’t known Felger since grade school.

  • Thank you. Here’s another equation for all the haters out there:
    JO + Green + Krstic + Clippers #1 > Perk + JO + Nate Rob – Marquis