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Recap: Celtics complete mercy kill of Knicks


Three days ago, the world was wondering what was wrong with the Celtics? They were a team of aging veterans lucky to have survived the first two games of their playoff series with NY.

They certainly don't look like championship contenders, said the impulsive and ill-informed.

Seventy-two hours later, the Celtics dismantled the Knicks in successive games at MSG to complete the first playoff series sweep in the Big 3 era.

Rajon Rondo (21 points, 12 assists) was the catalyst once again. Toney Douglas may be the worst on-ball defender in the NBA.

Glen Davis (14 points, 5 rebounds) led the best bench effort we've seen in weeks. Jeff Green chipped in 5 points and 7 rebounds.

Kevin Garnett had a quiet 26 points and 10 rebounds.

The Knicks whittled a 23-point 3rd quarter lead down to 4 (84-80 with 7:33 remaining). Anthony Carter (11 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists) played out of his mind . But when the Celtics need to make plays, they made plays.

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Editor's note: If this blog contains any factual errors or gross misrepresentations of the game, it's likely due to the fact that I am intoxicated.

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  • Darn we are good PP talked to the bench must have worked, Nads played well 2 blocks, BBD,Dwest, and Green very happy with them that is the Key. drink have my friends Happy Easter from the Jester00!!!!!!!!!

  • go sixers!!

  • I love how every single Celtics player had at least 5 rebounds.

  • Why the hell would you give Douglas the (negative) credit for Rondo playing well? Oh yeah, you agree with D’Antoni about Rondo being a scrub, so you just gotta keep that meme alive. Gotta have some crap to write about, I guess.

  • What the hell are you talking about?
    BigMck is not saying that whatsoever. Clearly, Rondo took advantage of how shitty of a defender Toney Douglas is and was able to do whatever he wanted.

  • Paulmkane2001 is a hater, and haters gonna hate. Nothing this clown says makes sense.

  • Rondo was mostly excellent and D’Antoni can’t coach. But don’t get too carried away with him. His attrocious free throw shooting and attrocious defense on Anthony Carter let the Knicks back into the game. Rondo had to have given up 7 or 8 missed free throws and almost all of Carter’s run were wide open shots with Rondo roaming. Thank God his mid-range jumper and passing were excellent tonight. At least the Baby haters are quiet tonight. Let’s just let Philly extend Miami while rhe boys rest and Shaq heals. Great last two games. KG was huge.

  • Congrats on the sweep C’s. Most important bonus of this? At LEAST 1 more full week of rest/recovery time for Shaq. This team will go into round 2 fresh & ready.

  • I am up with f’n DT’s shaq get back and Play first sober easter since 2005 darn Iraq!!! chuck post some wine or beer please!!!

  • Big baby haters. Take that! Rondo wasn`t perfect, So what! He got the job done tonight. I`ts easy to be a critic when you sit on your ass munchin on chips. Total combined team effort, If you disagree, Then you need a DVR my freind.

  • This series basically showed what’s so amazing about this team. In each game different player was the top scorer. Game 1 it was Ray Allen, Game 2 Rondo, Game 3 Pierce and Game 4 Garnett.
    If Baby and starters keep it up, and we get some decent contribution from West and Green, I do not see why we could not bring Miami down. I’d say that both O’Neals are sort of a wild card. It feels a lot like last year. We were considered underdog coming into each series.
    Philly also made us a favor today, but Miami is going to win Game 5.