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Our Birthday present to KWAPT: His own shirt

Stopz shirt If you follow KWAPT on Twitter, you know that when the C's need to get a stop… he's always there with a cry of "STOPZZZ!!"  It's become a trademark of sorts for him. 

Click on the picture if you want that shirt… or go to our store.  The STOPZZZ shirts are in this section... or go to the storefront and peruse the rest of our gear.

Happy Birthday, KWAPT

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  • Orb

    I’ve found myself repeating that out loud during games thanks to KWAPT. Happy B-day man.

  • what about ‘Jesus-clutch’ shirts?

  • You guys freakin’ ROCK!! Thanks! I haven’t been able to check the site as my Palm Centro doesn’t bring it up well. What a surprise to come home and see this…awesome.

  • I, too, find myself shouting ferocious STOPZZZZZ at my screen. My friend even tried teaching his little sister the legendary STOPZZZ.
    Happy birthday once more, KWAPT!

  • Awesome! Now all we need is Ray=Buttah shirts. 🙂
    Happy birthday, KWAPT!

  • Happy Birthday KWAPT!

  • I don’t own the rights to that photo