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D’Antoni not impressed with Rajon Rondo

Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni isn't impressed by Rajon Rondo. Here are his comments, courtesy Ken Berger of CBS.

On downplaying Rondo's influence on Game 3, D'Antoni said, "He's a very good basketball player. Really good. " But, there was a but …

D'Antoni on Rondo: "I'd like to see him play on Minnesota and see how he does. … They've got three Hall of Famers out there."

Probably not a smart thing to say right before an elimination game, but D'Antoni has proven he's no genius.

And to be honest, he has a valid point. Rondo has been blessed (Easter has me in a holy mood) with three future HOFers as teammates. With or without those guys, I believe Rondo has the natural talent to be a top 5 point guard. If he did start his career in Minnesota, he might be further behind in his development but he'd still be a helluva player.

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  • d’antoni been to how many all star games?

  • I have a feeling Rondo’s numbers would be even gaudier if he were in Minnesota.
    Although they’d still probably be an awful team.

  • That should guarantee the pink slip in the mail for this joke of a coach. Night night, NY.

  • This is such a cop-out response and I’m sick of hearing it from people. How many HOF players did Magic play with and yet no one questions his assist numbers. Stockton played with Malone, but no one says a thing about his numbers. It’s BS, and it needs to be called when any hater uses that tired line.

  • one word………….. A$$CLOWN

  • The Knicks were better pre-Carmelo and Billups.

  • You know what? Would love to see D’antoni coach Minnesota. What a disaster that would be lol


  • No, he does NOT have a valid point. You folks who write here can’t think a single thought for yourselves, can you? Some one calls Garnett dirty and you jump on that bandwagon. Then you jump on the Perk is a Scrub bandwagon. Now you are all over the Rondo is a Scrub bandwagon.
    Rondo is a great player. Period. If any one player IS the Cs right now, it’s Rondo. If we win a championship, we will need Rondo playing out of his head to do it. He pretty much has to put this team on his shoulders and carry it.
    Rondo and Pierce gave this meme about Rondo exactly the respect it deserves at the press conference after the game.
    Rip Rondo when he plays badly – fine. That’s fair. But when he blows a strong team out of the playoffs, basically dueling Carmelo at times, and people STILL don’t want to give him props, its sheer madness.

  • Look, Rondo could be an incredible player. Right now he’s an incredibly talented but flawed player. In the playoffs, so far, he has greatly stepped up his intensity, so he was attacking the weak Knick defense all the way to the hole and has stopped walking the ball up the court. He still blows free throws by the bushel. He misses two in a row a lot more than he makes two in a row. Mostly he splits them 50/50. He’s playng better defense but HE let Anthony Carter get off with wide open shots today. We definitely need him to keep the team in a good rhythm and he’s done that well in the post-season, so far. But D’Antoni is a terrible coach, who should have played Carter over the worst defensive guard I’ve seen in decades – Toney Douglas!