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Rondo Turns MSG into his Personal Playground

The theories were coming from everywhere.  Turn on the radio and you would hear several reasons as to what was eating Rajon Rondo.  Go to the supermarket and the meat slicers at the deli would ask you in between thinly slicing your turkey. Go to the bank and the teller would tell you what they thought before telling you to enter your PIN.  For Celtics fans, (and NBA fans in general) Twitter was beyond Albert Einstein-ian with reasons for Rondo's play.  Last night under the bright lights and big city, Rondo morphed back into cyborg mode and went nova on the Knicks.

Rondo loves the NBA's stage known as the playoffs.  Some players just thrive on it and step up their game.  Rondo is clearly one of them.  Proving it year after year in the playoffs, this year seems no different.  He had two solid games back home at the real Garden, then turned the "Mecca" into his own personal playground, toying with the beat up Knicks for his sixth career post-season triple double.  Finishing with 15 points, 11 rebounds and a better-than-Bob-Cousy-Boston-Celtic-playoff-record 20 assists.

He also only turned the ball over four times in 41 minutes, while sneaking in for six offensive rebounds.  Rondo invited his buddies Paul and Ray to his playground, and actively participated in their personal game of H.O.R.S.E. as the two of them drilled threes all night long.  Sit back and enjoy the video below of Rondo doing his best Rondo.


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  • An awesome performance. Rondo was unstoppable, and his shot didn’t even look ‘on’. Towards the end I was almost willing PP and Ray to save some of those. They were deadly.
    Bench has to bring some game, quickly.

  • There’s better Rondo. And we’ll need it to win a championship. Heat ahead…