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Will Doc come back?

RedsArmyAdmin April 22, 2011 Uncategorized 5 Comments on Will Doc come back?

It's one of the big questions hanging over the Celtics this postseason.  Will Doc Rivers come back next year… or will he take some time off to be with his family?  

It's a question debated by Michael Holley, Cedric Maxwell and SI's Ian Thomsen.  It'll be hard for Doc to walk away, and the good thing about this year is he's been able to get to see his kids at their various events more than he thought. 

But the travel schedule HAS to be wearing on him.  He's trying to balance being a coach, which he obviously love to do… and a family man, which is obviously very important to him.  He's very lucky to have an older team that needs a lot of off days… because those off days let him travel.  But the C's practice schedule will change… eventually.  

It might be too much to ask for Doc to have a Jerry Sloan kind of run with the C's…. but I've been clear about my feelings.  I want him back.  I think most people do.  

So what's your guess?

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  • I know that coaching is a profession that always has critics but I can’t imagine that the % of Celtics fans who don’t want Doc back is higher than 10%. I mean the man won one title and came with in a whisker of another. If it is God help us.

  • next season I believe he will be here, but after that, not so sure.

  • I think if they scrub in the playoffs he’s probably out. I’d miss him on a personal level and I think I do want him to come back, but I’m kind of juiced thinking about different replacements now…

  • I think he’s gone, to tell you the truth, unless there’s a lockout that buys him some time.

  • I kinda think it’s still up in the air. I’m sure they’ve already offered him whatever would make him the highest paid coach in the league, so it’s not a matter of money. It’s “does he still want to lead this same veteran group as they get older?”
    Alot might depend on how far they go this year.