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Recap: Celtics rip hearts out of Knicks, NYC

Ahh… Is there any better feeling than shutting up New Yorkers? The answer is no.

Behind superhuman efforts by Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo the Celtics throttled the Knicks 113-96. And the game wasn't even that close.

Pierce was lethal. He had 38 points on 14-19 FG. That's 74%.

Ray was silky smooth. 32 points, 8-11 3FG.

Rajon Rondo did a little bit of everything. Make that a lot of everything. 15 points, 20 assists and 11 rebounds. The 20 assists is a Celtics franchise playoff record.

The Celtics were in control of this game from start to finish. They raced out to a 22-5 start. They withstood a couple of Knicks runs throughout the game.

This game was sealed in the 3rd quarter where Boston outscored NY 34-19. Jermaine O'Neal (6 points, 3 rebounds, 3 blocks) played some ferocious defense.

The bench is still shaky (a collective -56). Delonte West and Glen Davis are out of snyc. 

Carmelo Anthony shot 4-16.

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  • Just a thorough ass whipping, couldn’t ask for much more! They treated the Knicks like the damn Knicks. Dance to that Spike!
    My only complaint – can someone PLEASE explain to Rondo that he doesn’t have to turn every pass or lay-up into some kinda circus shot? It’s like he’s in an all-star game trying to be the Globetrotters. Otherwise that’s the best they’ve looked in a long time. Jermaine is coming around perfectly and just in time. Might as well get this done in 4 and get ready for Miami.
    Good Friday indeed! Have a great Easter everyone!

  • Rondo’s best game in a half a season. Dominant in three phases of the game.
    Pierce and Allen were terrific, as was Jermaine. Green looked good off the bench.
    This was the first time in a LONG time the Celtics have looked like themselves.

  • Soon as Pierce came out of the locker room, he had a real intense look on his face. Haven’t seen that look since playoffs of 2007-08. It was like he knew the crowd was going to be hostile and he welcomed it. Unreal performance. And then there’s Ray-the guy just didn’t stop-he had a couple of tough misses early, but that did not deter him. And the biggest stat that will get no press because of Paul and Ray was the rebounding. We did so much better on glass. Only concern is obvious-what is up w/DWest & Glen. Let’s get it figured out please. I noticed D looked very timid-passing up open looks, def not him. I can only think it’s nagging injuries. Great performance though. Made Spike leave early. Classic.

  • Nice, I haven’t seen that Celtics team in a while. Miami will be tough, if we get by them I think we’re going to the Finals. The Bulls just don’t have enough for us.

  • Guys, Just watched the pre game show on NBA TV. Magic Jhonson tweeted ” The Boston Celtics lokked like a championship caliber team tonight”. To me thats a big deal. Even though Magic was a Laker, I totally respect his opinion. Last year he said we would go seven with the Lakers. We are not even at full throttle yet folks! We were lucky to be Boston Celtics Fans tonight.

  • So nice to see Ray and Paul hit their shots all on the same night! Rondo was a ****General on the floor. But the Bench needs a lot of something cuz they not going to cut it with the Heat next round. Hope Doc can light a fire to get them going.

  • I work in a pizza shop in New York, and at 9:00 my boss told me I could go home early. He was tired of looking at me in all green. I was at game 1 and as good as that was to be there, it almost felt that good at work today after hearing shit from everyone. The D’Antonio family orders from our shop. Can’t wait ’till I have to deliver there again.


  • What I liked was that Rondo started the plays early enough in the possession to keep the d off balance and so that there was plenty of time to run more than one play, if necessary.

  • all things being equal cinderella teams are meant for the ncaa tournament

  • it’s nice to see these guy’s are getting their stroke back..just in time for the heat.!!all wee need is for shaq to show up.!!

  • C’s are doing what they have to do: spanking a mediocre, thin team. Let’s hope Sunday the bench can actually contribute a quality minute or two and get the monkey off their back. Without one of Davis, West, or Green stepping up throughout the series vs. Miami, the Celtics will be in trouble.
    I’m especially concerned with Davis. If he’s having trouble vs. the no-defense front line of Turiaf, Stoudemire, and Jefferies, what will he do vs. the bigger frontline of Miami? (PS, he’s playing for a contract)