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Doc updates us on the O’Neal boys

Shaquille O'Neal's appearance at the Celtics walk-through/shootaround created quite a stir on Twitter. Imagine what will happen when he actually plays?

Despite the showing, he's not playing tonight and doubtful for Game 4 Sunday.

Our buddy Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston has some updates:

"I don't know the plan yet," said Rivers. "He's moving better. The fact that he's moving better, you just bring him on the road."

Pressed on what he'd need to see from O'Neal to have confidence to put him back on the court, Rivers quipped: "Make some 3's," before turning more serious.

"I don't know. Listen, he's just feeling better and he's closer. I don't know what he needs to show me. He's not ready to play yet, but he's getting closer. So the fact that he's getting closer, you bring him on the road."

Later, Rivers again stressed that O'Neal simply is ready to go and there's no game plan behind bringing him back.

"You need him when you need him; I'm not worried about that," said Rivers. "I'm more worried about getting him right and healthy. There's not strategic game plan for not playing him. There's a medical game plan for not playing him when he can't play. Once he can play, he'll play."

Rivers nodded when asked if there was still potential for O'Neal to appear in Sunday's Game 4, but O'Neal still displayed a limp while walking off the court.

In their Twitter reports, the Globe's Gary Washburn and WEEI's Paul Flannery did not notice a limp. As Mr. TripleDouble10 pointed out on Twitter, Shaq had a limp pre-injury.Maybe that is confusing everyone.

As for Jermaine, he's still icing the wrist and wearing a brace:

"I wore a brace the last two days, just to protect it and make sure I didn’t open the door wrong and irritate it," said Jermaine O'Neal. "I feel fine. The swelling is down. It's one of those situations where, I took a charge and I put my hand back before I fell. It irritated [a preexisting injury] a bit. It's probably not going to have an affect on me."

There you have it. A not-so-informative update.

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  • Nothing but propaganda, smoke and mirrors, designed to try to get us to forget the fact that WE NEED PERK.
    Whatever the O’Neils can give us will be great.

  • Perk’s not coming back. Not now, not ever. you should probably just move to OKC. Or at least, stop whining about it here.
    If you paid attention to exactly what Doc said, and read between the politically correct phrasing, he was pretty clear actually.
    “We want to give Shaq more time to feel healthy, because honestly, we Don’t really need him to beat the Knicks this year.”
    And I agree. Rest him until you need him.