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My new kicks from Yoakustoms: “Tribute to Red”

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About 2 years ago, I had a beautiful pair of custom kicks desgined by YoaKustoms. I asked her to design me something to pay homage to my favorite Boston Celtic-Paul Pierce. Well, what she came-up with blew me away. They are easily my favorite pair of kicks, and I get complimented on them everytime I wear them.

I decided to ask Amanda, founder/owner of Yoakustoms, to design another pair for me. This time, I wanted to pay tribute to Boston Celtics legend Arnold "Red" Auerbach. When you think Celtics, you think Red. I've seen his face and likeness on everything from t-shirts to statues, but never on a sneaker. After we agreed on a sneaker and design, Amanda went to work. The result was again fantastic. Everything right down to Red's cigar was meticulously hand-painted. It's going to be tough to wear these, as they are a work of art. I cracked open the box with "Tribute to Red" live on UStream today. If you'd like to check out Amanda's work & find out how to get your own pair, please visit her site.


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  • Sick….I still prefer the Truth though…but this is sick

  • Thx Jim..I’m a little partial to “The Truth” myself-hard act to follow. But still loving these too.

  • These are dope Jamey. Well done…!