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Anonymous player calls KG a punk, coward

The KG hate continues. Check out this nugget from ESPN's Player X blog (courtesy ESPN Boston):

Garnett is a punk and a coward. I know, I know. Easy for me to say behind this column. Don't worry, I'll tell him to his face, too. And I'm not the only one who thinks that: If you're not on his team, chances are you hate the guy. You can learn a lot about him by watching his eyes. If he's talking to you — and he's always talking — he avoids eye contact. My advice to other guys in the league: Stare him down, and he'll retreat. From what I've seen, he'll never mix it up with a player who's bigger than he is. Personally, I think he's scared to fight — like a playground bully who barks but doesn't bite.

But I have to admit, the Celtics are the most talkative guys in the league. And that makes sense, because it's the mark of a championship team. Mouths help you win big games. Ray Allen got mean in Boston, and Paul Pierce will look at you, say, "Stop this," then drop a J on your head.

I'm getting immune to all the KG criticism. Just because a guy doesn't back up his trash talk with punches, doesn't mean he's a coward. It means he knows where to draw the line.

My favorite part of the Player x blog is the reference to Pierce. The Mother-Fffin Truth does it again…

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  • It’s all about getting you off your game and frustrating you. And this “player”, if that’s even the case, has obviously fell victim to it. I’m immune to the criticism myself and I shouldn’t even do it justice by acknowledging it.

  • Charlie Snitchanueva.

  • Could he be called a star though? Well, not that Al is really a star, it’s just that Pierce s*it on him

  • Sounds like jealousy…”if he’s on your team you love him, if not…”.
    Unless this anonymous yo-yo has a ring he should just shut the f@#& up!!

  • I think it’s funny that you are copping this attitude here at Red’s Army. You did more than anyone to fan the flames of KG hate earlier in the season. You media hacks just don’t have any conscience about what you do!! Lol!!
    Anyway, these folks complaining about KG so obviously don’t get it. His behavior is mainly Rodman stuff, an act intended to get inside people’s heads. This particular complaint from this ‘anonymous’ player is so obviously coming from Villaneuva. I kinda feel for that guy. I mean it. It’s easy to sneer at him for the way he goes off, and he does seem like he has a mental problem that he needs to get some counseling for, but if you take the case of the recent example, where he wouldn’t stop trying to fight with a guy, even after he was dragged away, it was an example where the officials clearly should have stepped in before things escalated. Sometimes I wonder if the officials do this deliberately. Obviously, they can’t be everywhere at once, but they let the guy shove Villaneuva halfway across the court before they finally decided to step in. That was totally unacceptable. I don’t blame Villanueva for being off his head about what happened there. The officials have a job and they need to damn well do it. If they let one player assault another player like that, like the guy assaulted Villanueva, what do they expect to happen? Sooner or later someone is going to get killed because of a situation like that where the refs take their sweet time about stepping in. Or nearly killed, like Rudy Tomjonavich.
    It’s the refs’ job to keep things from going over the edge. But instead they sometimes are more concerned about calling idiotic technicals to protect their supposed dignity from players giving them dirty looks, or whatever.
    Unfortunately, I think the league realizes that basketball fans, like hockey fans, enjoy some red-blooded meat at times. This was evident in the fans’ reaction to the recent story about Dominque Wilkins. Remember how he was supposedly assaulted by someone and bravely defended himself? Well, if you looked at the video, it looked more like some security guards or bodyguards were holding a guy while Wilkins pounded him. But somehow fans got all worked up over brave Wilkins defending himself from some dangerous punk. If you ask me, the punk in that situation seemed more like Wilkins than the guy Wilkins ‘defended himself’ against. And I don’t think Charlie Villanueva is necessarily the punk he’s been made out to be by fans and the media.
    Nor is KG the ogre he’s been made out to be. It’s all hype. Waving a blood-stained flag and driving viewership the ugly way.

  • This could be some of the Celtics. Nothing can fuel KG as much as a little hatred. So why not motivating guy the best you can. (that was a joke)
    One question.
    How can anyone call somebody else a coward, when he’s not even standing behind what he is saying? If he is such a tough guy, why not mention his name, for start?
    Bottom line, this is good. I like it. Kg is on some guy’s mind, and it’s bothering him. And we all know how will that affect KG. So go on, do us a favor. Keep talking 🙂

  • Yup, I was very critical of KG’s antics. But I never called him a punk or coward. Big difference…

  • wow… we’ve reached “media hacks” status. Awesome!!
    I’m with Chuck. We’ve been critical of KG’s antics.. but never have we called him a coward or a punk. We just asked him to tone it down a little. Big difference.

  • whats an NBA tough guy look like? I don’t get it.

  • the only other player in the NBA whose close to KG’s toughness and meanness is Kendrick Perkins. Pryzbilla can certainly play the bully, and I think Nazr Mohammed can be a tough sumbitch also. But KG is the league leader in just plain nastiness. But he does it smart. He’ll talk to anybody. He doesn’t have to be physical. What people hate about KG is that he backs up what he says with his play instead of his fists.

  • Sorry, you two will always just be drunken celtic homer bloggers to me. Which is exactly why I come here, keep up the good work.

  • ha… ok. I’ll take that

  • Does anyone else think the reason KG doesn’t stare in the opposing players eye is because he would be called for taunting and get a technical immediately? I don’t think its him being a coward at all, its called brains, can’t get a T when your not taunting a player….Dikembe finger wag? You do that a person and its auto technical

  • I find this anonymous guy hilarious. He is calling someone a coward and a punk. The guy is not even man enough to say it to KG. Why?

  • That is such an odd medium to call a player out, just so odd. Yeah, more guys should be ‘tough’ on the court like Artest, or in the locker room like Arenas.
    Flopping is by far a more annoying ‘antic’ than anything else in the league, and a helluva lot more players pull that shit and I don’t recall seeing KG do it. Yes, PP flops and it’s really the one neg people have on him.
    Yes, KG’s antics can be a major pain and almost embarrassing. I don’t know where to draw the line between smashing your head and talking smack. Even if I weren’t a C’s fan I’m with Doc, a lot of people would give a lot to have Kevin Garnett on their team and I am certainly one of them. He got suspended in the playoffs last year, it’s not like he walks around with a License to Kill.

  • “Usually when I have something to say; I say it to that person face. Keep that in mind ‘Player X.'”
    — comment from CelticsBlog.