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The guys behind “The Beast”

(pic via Deadspin)

A few years back, I stumbled upon the phenomenal website, "Perk Is a Beast". A site that 2 huge fans of Kendrick Perkins, Justin & Brian, started in homage to The Beast. I loved everything about it. It was funny, honest, imaginative and it had great pictures and even greater t-shirts. I own many of those shirts, and the artist behind them has designed some awesome avatars for me. Justin & Brian's latest endeavor, "In the Pivot", is a weekly live internet call-in show featuring former Celtics big-man coach Clifford Ray. I highly recommend it for not just Celtics fans, but for anyone who loves to talk hoops.

Alan Siegal has put together an absolute must-read piece on them over at Over the last few years, I met Justin, Brian and Corey-a member of Perk's family, through the site and at Boston Celtic home games. They are all just super people and die-hard Boston Celtics fans. I was also fortunate enough to spend some brief time with Perk and meet his wife and some of his family. They're friendly, humble and down-to-earth folk. My type of people. Can't wait to hopefully cross paths with them again in the future. But don't take it from me-read the article. It truly explains why Perk is so admired in these parts-and it has nothing to do with basketball.

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  • this why chuck and john are smart….. never ever name your website after a player. if he is traded you are screwed and you make no dough D west had one when i first started going to redsarmy. traded then never upadated..

  • I miss Perk big time.
    And, speaking about old friends, I’m watching Tony Allen playing out of his mind against San Antonio.

  • It’s a great read. T.A. is killing it for Memphis and I’m enjoying it too.