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Taking Stock: C’s – Knicks Game 2

Taking stock
After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Rajon Rondo:  Take a look at his shot chart.  He made 10 layups.  Two of his other jumpers were in the paint.  Which means of the 13 shots he made, one came from outside of the paint.  Keep attacking and they'll have to collapse.  THEN the rest of the guys will go on a buckets spree.

Kevin Garnett:  Continuing my thoughts from The Morning Dump, clutchness is always measured on offense.  Kevin Garnett came up most clutch on defense last night, were the C's got the one stop they needed at the end of the game.  I don't care if he's 0-20.  He'll come up big on the other end if he's around the ball. 

Ray Allen:  Quiet night from Ray, huh?  He made the most of it. 18 points on 8 shots and a team high +11 in 39 minutes.  Ray just keeps finding ways to get it done.

Sell The Bench:  Everyone had their problems.  Everyone keeps waiting for Jeff Green to get going.  Delonte is having problems holding the unit together and getting any sort of offense going.  And then there's Big Baby… a team-low -11.  He did come up with a couple of big offensive rebounds… but for much of the game he just looked bad.  I know the bench plays limited minutes in the playoffs anyway… but it would be nice to see some kind of contribution from them.  Maybe we can get a playoff surprise and get our starters a little in-game rest.

The rebounding:  Pathetic.  I'm not buying the excuses.  20 offensive rebounds is disgusting and embarrassing.  You can't tell me help defense is going to result in 20 more opportunities for the Knicks.  If that's the case, then stop helping… because the helping isn't helping very much. 

Hold Jermaine O'Neal:  Now it's the wrist?  Let's see how THIS affects him.  The C's NEED to win a title so he can just retire and the Celtics can try something else next season.

Doc Rivers:  For not playing the aforementioned Jermaine O'Neal when the C's were getting crushed on the boards.  I know he said there was one hell of a debate going on.  I think the wrong decision was made and the C's got away with one.  BUT… the play to KG worked quite well and the inbounds play to Delonte West was brilliant.  Just go catch it and run. Delonte could have kept running to the corner and chucked it full court to officially run out the clock… but it ultimately worked out just fine.

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  • The Bench can’t hold on to the lead created by the starters. The starters are expending too much energy trying to undo the damage from the Bench. The Bench have to step up. The Knicks are a second tier team the c’s should be blowing them out not fighting for a win in the last seconds of the game.

  • put a hold on shaq. this has all the making of superman returning and gutting it out. he’s that guy and i think the diesel has a few trips up/down the court.. no way he goes out this way

  • Buy: 2 nights off after these two games, and a short trip to NYC!!
    Baby needs to find it, quickly.

  • Couldn’t agree more- the Knicks suck and the C’s oughta destroy them. This series could easily be 1-1, or even 2-0, Knicks. We basically played them to a standstill and relied on Ray & KG for last second heroics. Great games to watch, but if the C’s show up in Miami with this weak shit they’ll get killed.