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Sign Up for Rajon Rondo’s Lay-up Clinic

Did you miss the deadline to sign up for Rajon Rondo's lay-up clinic?  Wait, you missed the memo?  You missed his tweet?  The mailman delivered it to the wrong mailbox?  Well don't worry because before you could sign up, the New York Knicks filled up the entire available spots.

While the Celtics certainly have quite a few aspects of their game they need to address, Rondo has turned back into "Playoff Rondo" just in time to provide a huge lift to a 2-0 series lead against the Knicks.  Rondo broke free and played Rick Ross' "Speedin" in his head during Game 2, mostly in the first quarter.  He finished with a playoff career high of 30 points, most of which coming off of various lay-ups.

Oh, and you unfortunately missed out on attending his clinic in person, just watch the compilation below and take notes as Dr. Rondo instructs his peers on how to blow by everyone for lay-up after lay-up.


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  • I love how the first 3/4 of this clip is from the 1st qt. He was dominant, hopefully the 2nd unit can step up and dominate their opposition.

  • as much as i love to see rondo go off like this, i ultimately think it’s a bad sign for the team, and contributed to why the game wasn’t well in hand by the end of the third. when rondo puts up like 12 or 14 assists and has 10 or so points, i think it’s a good indicator that the team is running well. it means that the other guys are getting good looks, and rondo is facilitating things like we want him to. his line from last night indicates to me that the team as a whole wasn’t in a good rhythm, and watching the second half confirmed it.
    the other problem i had with rondo was that he was horrible on defense, at least in the second half. he kept trailing douglas off screens and it looked like he was too tired or lazy to stay in front of him. very frustrating.
    sorry to be debbie-downer, but this team (and rondo) is capable of so much better.

  • I love seeing Rondo score aggressively like this, but I want to see him pass off drives too. We do best when he has ten plus assists.
    I get frustrated watching Rondo on D sometimes too. No one ball hawks better than Rondo, but he doesn’t stay in front of his guy very well a lot of the time.