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How to Cure an Ailing Offense? With Good Defense

We've all heard Celtics head coach Doc Rivers say time and time again that he's never that worried about the team's offense.  His reasoning is that as long as their trademark defensive effort is there more often than not, the offense will take care of itself.  For stretches of Game 2 against the New York Knicks, this was clearly evident with Rajon Rondo streaking out on the break providing a free lay-up clinic for all to learn from.

There were several other instances that stood out which are highlighted below.

Example 1: Pierce comes over from the weak side to reject Toney Douglas' lay-up attempt.  Instead of Dwight Howard-ing it into the 15th row of the TD Garden, he gets just enough of it so that his teammate, Ray Allen can collect the ball.  Ray then fires a textbook outlet to the streaking Rondo who averts the trailing Ronny Turiaf for two.

Example 2: In this instance, the C's gave up one of several thousand offensive rebounds, forcing an extended New York possession and more defense.  Rondo finds himself caught in a switch on Carmelo Anthony, who went Lionel Richie on the Celtics and torched them all night long.  Rondo locks him up about as good as he could given the mismatch, and after forcing him to miss, Ray grabs the rebound.  he then outlets it to Rondo who is once again looking to attack the rim, but New York gets back and clogs the lane quickly.  Rondo notices this and delivers a pass to the trailing Paul Pierce, who drills a three.

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  • Doc talks a lot of crap sometimes. If you have to choose which is more fundamental, offense or defense, of course it’s defense, but good offense tends to lead to good defense too, and for sure, bad offense tends to lead to bad defense.
    Each side of the court affects the other. On both sides of the court, you are trying to push the opposition out of their game, while establishing your game.

  • Good offense is actually not related to good defense, really. Good defense leads to easy baskets. It also excuses a sluggish offense. There have been many great offensive teams that could never win a championsip because they didn’t play defense – the Gervin Nuggets,last year’s Suns, this year’s Golden State. In fact I can’t see any connection at all other than the same players are doing both things each time they go up and down the court. I mean, if the two were connected, Carmelo would be an MVP.