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Doc denies Shaq report, says “he’s going to play”

Earlier today, there was a report that Shaq may be done for the playoffs. 

Well… Doc Rivers was asked about that, and said

"I know that's not true," Rivers told "He's going to play. I just don't know when."

O'Neal has played a career-low 37 games this season for the C's, primarily because of multiple injuries to his right leg.

Doc says flat out… Shaq's going to play.  So… who do you believe?

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  • Well, that’s going to be a huge disappointment to Perkins-lovers everywhere who were already pronouncing themselves geniuses for their devout fealty to four points and five boards a night.

  • I would believe Doc over some guy who didn’t want the report to use his name.
    I can definitely say Shaq will be back for the Miami series. Before the calf injury, he seemed to have too much pain running back and forth on the court during those 5 minutes.
    It’s all about waiting and seeing what happens. I really do hope he comes back. Both O’Neals would definitely give a nice punch to the teams the Celtics face.

  • I don’t believe that anyone really knows for sure what a 39-year-old, but historically freakishly strong, body is going to do.
    All the un-named source really said was that the Celtics were preparing as if they didn’t expect to have Shaq. Big news. How incompetent would they have to be if they did anything else?

  • D

    Bastard you beat me to it!!!

  • Shaq will be back I so sure of it, I will not drink till he does come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • whoa

  • that’s more rebounds in 1 game than your boy Jeff Green has had in 2 games. Then again, Green leads the team with 9 fouls, so he’s got that going for him.

  • Dude lets not be hasty now…

  • If you hate the Celtics so much, and just want to whine all the time, why do you come here? There’s nothing worse than a wet blanket miserable fan grousing about the minutia the day after a playoff WIN.

  • Im sorry to have to say it, and I love Doc as our coach and appreciate many of the things Danny has done for us as a player and a GM, but I do not trust a word of what these guys say when it comes to injuries.
    Yup, its the KG thing again.
    No, im not going to let it go.
    Not saying I dislike the guys, just saying I dont trust them. Shaq is a huge box office pull. Selling playoff tickets is huge business for those “franchise” owners whose main concern has always and will always (no matter what they say) be to turn a profit, a large one if possible. The collective let-down of officially announcing Shaq being shut down for the Playoffs could undercut those sales.
    Which is why they strung as along with KG.
    Which is why they may do it again with Shaq.

  • Boston Celtics Playoffs tickets were sold out the minute they went on sale, for every game, for the last 4 years. It has very little to do with Shaq selling anything at this point.
    Shaq would be helping sell playoff tickets in places like Charlotte, or Sacramento – if they ever signed him. Boston? not so much.

  • I am that certain we will see the the big fellow again!!!!!!!!!!! It will be a rough couple of days but the shakes go away after 72 hours…. he will be back in a week and a half easy!!!! I’m betting my beer on it!

  • The question remains can the c’s keep in the game long enough to allow Shaq to return from injury. Yes they won game 1 & 2 but through the skin of their teeth. They need to do better to win the East. Heat & Bulls playing great Ball right now.

  • Actually, I probably wave my pom poms at home harder than you, but if you feel typing “go Celtics!” is equally productive, knock yourself out, kiddo.

  • The Bulls played like crap the other night and barely beat Indiana. The Heat have looked good, but they’re playing the worst looking Philly team I’ve ever seen. The Celtics definitely need to do better, especially on the boards and making smarter passes. But Neither the Heat nor the Bulls scare me.
    Now OKC and Dallas – those are the teams the Celtics should be scared of.

  • Compare apples to oranges much? Let’s revisit this discussion when Scotty Brooks figures out that Nazr’s giving him better minutes than Bill Russell … er, Perkins.
    In the meantime, I think the sobbers over at Celtics Blog have plenty of tissues to share over the Perkins deal. Try your luck over there.

  • Oklahoma City? Two volume shooters, no other scorers and one guy – Ibaka – actually defending?
    They’re a LONG way from being worry-worthy.

  • Kiddo. LOL.
    I don’t wave pom poms at home, seeing as how I have tickets to every single game, being a season ticket holder.

  • Nice humble bra, Wyc.

  • Are the starting dates of Round 2 all set or do they depend on how many games it takes the participating teams to finish Round 1? Will the Bulls play the lowest remaining seed no matter who it is or the winner of Orlando-Atlanta?

  • First you call me kiddo, insinuating that I’m some kid who hasn’t been a Celtics fan long and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Then you whine that I’m not humble enough because I point out that I pay to go to every game, and have for years.
    All because you can’t seem to get past the Perkins trade.
    You do realize we’re 2-0 in this series, right?
    You sound like all the fairweather 2004 Sox fans on WEEI who thought trading Nomar was the WORST THING EVA!!!

  • The Bulls look like crap. If they were playing NYK they would be tied or down 2. Refs have treated pacers verrry poorly in the waning moments of these games. I trust Lebrons ability to choke every year in the second round. We’re gonna be just fine.