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Your Game 2 Twitter & Facebook questions answered

RedsArmyAdmin April 19, 2011 Uncategorized Comments Off on Your Game 2 Twitter & Facebook questions answered

I put out a call for questions about Game 2 on Twitter and Facebook…. and you guys responded.  Well… you guys asked and I responded.  As in… I responded to your response to my call for questions. 

… I'm dizzy. 

First off… I just want to remind everyone who has Comcast Sports Net that the game IS being carried there locally.  Be sure to tune in to Comcast Sports Net at 6:30 for PreGame Live… then stick around to listen to Mike & Tommy call the game.  Because why would you listen to anyone else if you had a choice?

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Now… to your questions.  Thanks everyone for asking.  

I'm going with Pierce/Melo.  Amar'e Stoudemire went nuts in the 4th Quarter and the Celtics made a comeback.  And after his stink bomb in the second half, I wouldn't be shocked to Melo dominate the ball to try to make amends.  There's a lot of pressure on him in NY.  He's not going to just sit back and let people talk about him like that.

Probably not, but I'm betting his stat line won't be great.  I'll bet he holds the ball, makes a ton of 1-on-1 moves and stagnates that Knicks offense to a point where it hurts the whole team.  He can look at Amar'e and say "you tried to carry us and we lost.  Now it's my turn."

Why not?  Ok, maybe he won't go 6-6 again.  And maybe he won't block four shots.  But I expect him to be just as active and have the exact same defensive opportunities.  It's up the Knicks to make adjustments to account for Jermaine.  The only thing that will prevent a similar performance from Jermaine is foul trouble. 

Fb question 1 

Absolutely.  I love Perk.  He was great.  But he's become a folk hero around here.  He's been built up to be a savior where what he really would be is a nice option to have.  What we got out of Jermaine O'Neal in Game 1 is actually more than we could have expected out of Perk in many ways.  12 points on 100% shooting and four blocked shots?  The road might not as easy and the team certainly has a different feel to it, but there's no reason to think the Celtics can't go all the way. 

Fb question 2

I've got no issue with Delonte taking an open shot.  As long as it comes within the flow of the offense, then I'm good with him shooting.  He might be a little tentative out there as he gets comfortable with everyone in a playoff situation… but I'm more concerned with him running the offense effectively.  If it results in open shots for him… fine.  If not, no problem.  

I sure as hell do not expect him to shoot 35% again.  I think he gets the same amount of shots…. somewhere in the 12-14 range… and he make probably eight.  That and a few free throws gives him a 19 point game.  In all honesty, though, we need his rebounding more than his scoring.  If he rebounds like he did the other night, we'll go to New York up 2-0.

I know some numbers suggest not having Billups can help New York, but I still think it's a big blow to them.  He's got too much respect on the floor… and if he tells a guy like Amar'e or Melo "no"… then they'll listen.  No one else gets that kind of respect from those guys.  In addition to Melo trying to make amends, I can see him also thinking he has to pick up some slack.  It's a bad thing for NY… no doubt in my mind.

I had to go to to figure out who the more dangerous guy is.  Melo is the more prolific scorer in the clutch… and since going to NY, Melo is shooting 50% from 3 in the clutch.  Billups is at 23%.  I know he's "Mr. Big Shot"… but given those two choices, I'll go Billups.

Fb question 3

Sure… IF the Bulls get there too.  I have confidence that the Celtics can get past any of the teams in the way.  That's not to say they can't lose those series, but I think come playoff time the Celtics will hatch a defensive plan to keep Rose out of the paint.  He's MUCH less effective as a jump shooter.  And right now he is carrying their offense even more than he did in the regular season.  They can find a way.

Fb question 4

I'm sure the Celtics will make a run at Dwight if they can.  I'm sure Danny Ainge has some kind of long term plan in place as far as a wish-list goes.  Let's see what the new collective bargaining agreement brings, though.  It could be a game-changer.

Fb question 5

Nope.  Simple as that.

Thanks for all the questions everyone!  

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