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Recap: KG steals win over Knicks

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Wow. Another insane game at the Garden.

Despite putting forth one of the most wretched rebounding peformances in the history of basketball, the Celtics managed to beat the Knicks 96-93 in Game 2 of their playoff series.

Kevin Garnett (12 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists) made two HUGE plays. His turnaround jumper over Jared Jeffries gave the Cs a 94-93 lead with 13 seconds remaining. On the Knicks next possession, Garnett got a hand on a Jeffries pass, fell on the ball and called a timeout. Ball game.

Rajon Rondo played a spectacular game – 30 points, 12-23 FG, 7 assists and 4 rebounds. He ATTACKED the basket from the start (scoring 14 of the Celtics first 18 points). A horrible defensive effort by Toney Douglas helped the cause. He took the "lay-off Rondo" approach to a new level.

Carmelo Anthony was brilliant – 42 points, 17 rebounds and 6 assists in 42 minutes. He did not score in the final two minutes and that's because Doc Rivers made the decision to double-team him on every possession.

Amare Stoudemire (4 points, 2-9 FG in 18 minutes) missed most of the game with back spasms.

The Celtics were outrebounded 53-37. New York had 20 offensive rebounds. The inability to board nearly killed the Cs. It was a bigger factor than Melo's superhuman performance.

Jeff Green and Glen Davis nearly had more combined fouls (9) than points (10).

When did Bill Walker become an enforcer?

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"We talked about it, he did it, it was terrific," Doc Rivers on Rajon Rondo.

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  • Good points. Garnett was huge down the stretch. It continues to amaze me why it’s so difficult to get Rondo to attack quasi-consistently. He’s one of the best in the game when he does it; damned ordinary when he doesn’t.
    Couple of other thoughts: Why in hell does Doc keep giving Davis minutes? He can’t guard a chair. I would have rather seen Jermaine out there, or at the very least Krstic out there for a little offensive pop; his defense isn’t any worse than Davis was tonight. Just wretched.
    And no shots for Allen in the fourth? Are you kidding me? The guy is automatic in this series.
    Nice to win, but a grotesque performance on the backboards. No effort whatsoever. And don’t start with the Perkins shit. Four points, five boards the other night.

  • My nerves! Another insane game they prob. should have easily won. This is the damn Knicks, missing key guys, and at times I thought we were gonna run away with it. Melo proved he’s not just good at running backwards, and some of those shots he hit with PP right in his face were unbelievable. KG proved he’s still the man with the game on the line. During that last time-out before his big shot, Doc turned and said something directly to him, which seemed to fire him up even more. Anyways, they won both games and it’s on to MSG where they just need 1.
    Jeff Green is killing me. He’s playing just like he did since we got him, which is kinda soft and eratic, and that’s how he was down in OKC. I’m glad he came out slightly aggressive in the 2nd half, but Danny needs to be as stingy with him this offseason as he was with guys like TA and Posey, who I value much more than Jeff Green. I’m trying to give the guy a chance, but when he’s out there, versus JO or Baby, it’s like watching two different teams. Rondo was possessed tonite, that possession where he defended Melo was one of the few times the guy missed!

  • Awesome win. Always great to rub it in Spike Lee’s face!
    Need to work on that rebounding though. Can’t give up 20 offensive boards. It cost us a championship last year, and I don’t want to see a repeat of that.

  • D

    I agree with you 100% about Davis. He kept leaving his guy to blitz Anthony and then his guy would score. I’m sick of his shit! He hasn’t hit shit this series and for someone who knows this system seems lost!!! With the starters on the floor!!!! I kept saying Danny should trade him at the deadline and everyone just waived me off. Well if Davis continues to get minutes expect more of the same.

  • You bet. I’m not nearly as bothered by Green on the floor as I am Davis. 27 minutes is twice too many the way he’s playing on both ends, getting beat on the drive, slow on rotations, terrible on the boards.

  • Agreed. I don’t want to hate the guy, but when he’s out on the court he has the demeanor of someone waiting in line at the bank. I think Mr. Green needs to get him some of those Maori face tattoos to scare the opponents a bit…

  • Win is all that matters, but was disappointed C’s didn’t rebound. They still could’ve won by double-digits despite Carmelo if not for poor rebounding and sloppy play. But when it really mattered they did execute. If the bench can just step things up,no reason why we can’t get at least a split in NYC.

  • D

    I liked how Green tried to find his shot in the 2nd half. If he continues to do that then that’s a great sign. He made a nice baseline move that was defended by a better block, but at least it was aggressive. The three was nice and his 15′ jump shots will eventually fall. To bad he had 2 bs calls on him. I thought he tried to be aggressive with Melo but a little bump was apparently to much and the whistle had to be blown. F’n Joey Crawford!!

  • I agree. Twelve minutes is ridiculous for Green, albeit a little corrupted by the foul situation. Now that someone’s apparently driven a stake through the heart of the Cryptkeeper, Dick Bavetta, we had my two most loathed officials on the floor tonight: Bennett Salvatore, author of the worst call I’ve ever seen against Pierce in Game 6 of the Pistons series in 08, and Uncle Fester, Joey Crawford.
    Green is a terrific athlete who isn’t playing with an iota of confidence due to his limited minutes, minutes which cannot be explained with Davis’ continued deterioration. The only positive thing I can say for Baby is he’s dropped the volume shooter imitation that just killed us late in the regular season.

  • D

    I truly think Green’s game has been slowed by Davis thinking he is the 1st option with the 2nd unit. If they forced the ball to Green and let him create they would be much better off. However Davis thinks (albeit not lately) he should be the offensive output. Simply put not only was Davis taking shots away from Ray for about a month he was taking away from Greens game too. If Green was able to do what he does best I think people would accept him a little more.

  • best team wins. c’s get a breather and should gas up to sweep this thing. fresh legs for miami is key.

  • Davis’ play has deteriorated rapidly down the stretch. I’d rather give Green more minutes to get him shots in the flow. Unquestionably, he can defend better than Davis right now.

  • I love it when people say “don’t start with the Perkins shit”. Right. Because it couldn’t be more obvious how much we’ve missed Perk. Ya think OKC would make that trade back? Betcha Doc would.

  • Rondo’s gonna have to be possessed a lot for us to win a championship. Hopefully he will be.

  • If C’s make it to round 2 they are going to have to play a heck a lot better aganst the Heat or they will be packing their bags. Great win but need a lot of improvement down the stretch. Green looks like a rookie on the floor and Baby needs to think on his feet better. Rondo was amazing. Hope he can bring it again Friday. Don’t know why Doc sat JO last Q.

  • So, inexplicably, you want Jeff Green (who is allergic to rebounds) and is a complete non-factor inside to play power forward? WTF? At least Davis displays effort on the boards and has more girth. And by the way, your alleged scorer Green has more fouls than points right now. He’s playing like a rookie.
    I know people like you are desperate to believe the Perk trade was good, but it wasn’t. The results are right in front of you. Von Wafer contributes more than Green.

  • So Jermaine is hurt again, Shaq is out forever, Kristic can’t play, and Green does…what exactly out there? Still think Perkins isn’t needed?

  • That ship has sailed.. move on.

  • The difference between Baby & Jeff Green is that Baby is in a slump, whereas Green’s whole career is streaky. Baby is one of the few guys on the team who played hard down stretch at the end of the regular season. He’s a proven commodity, has worked hard to develop his skills, and has played big in big games. Although you couldn’t tell it from the way he finished tonite, he’s usually a crafty defender and can handle guys that are much taller. I’m actually sick of hearing how Green can defend 3 different positions, cause I havnt seen him defend any position especially well. (Not that anyone could have stopped Melo tonite). In my opinion, Baby has earned a decent contract next year whereas Green, who is restricted, hasn’t.

  • Could not disagree with you more, but coming at this from the Midwest, coast fans don’t understand the environment Green came to Boston from. He’s hardly streaky – he played as the third wheel in a two-wheel offensive system that didn’t emphasize a lick of defense, something that has not changed with the overrated Kendrick Perkins in OKC.
    Calling Davis’ hideous play – dating back into the end of the season when he personally shot the Celtics out of several games in the fourth quarter – a slump is incredibly generous.
    His defense last night was atrocious. He can’t rebound with athletic bigs and he’s the last person you want shooting the ball from the perimeter. He got way too many minutes last night, and the box is clear about that – the Celtics were minus 11 with Davis on the floor.
    Whether Davis returns or not is of no concern to me at this point. Like the vast majority of the Ainge draft picks that Celtic Fan falls in love with, he’s a role player with a limited skillset. I would not hestitate to unload him in any deal that could improve the ballclub, and I’m certainly not interested in giving him a sizeable contract.

  • Ok, Listen up.
    For all of you dopes complaining about the lack of rebounding and blaming it on the Perkins trade: You’re an idiot.
    Look at the box scores. Watch the replay. The rebounding numbers weren’t off because of a lack of height. Or because Perkins was so great at it. He was frickin’ awful, most nights.
    The difference last night folks, was the Knicks SHOT SELECTION. They went 8-25 from 3pt land. they jacked up 25 frickin’ 3 pointers. Those shots – those aren’t rebound the big men get under the hoop. Those are superball-style rubber BRICKS that clang off the front or back of the rim and bounce out to the elbow, or the top of the key, and a guard picks it up. Toney Douglas had 7 rebounds. Take those away, and the numbers are almost even.
    This has nothing to do with Perk, or a lack of lenghth. It’s D’Antoni’s out of control fast break to the 3 pt. line offense.

  • D

    When your right your right. Basketball 101. Long shot = long rebound. Also they were small for the majority of the game. Doc even said it himself. They went small because New York was small. Just be prepared for people to disagree with you. People hate it when you present facts that squash their opinion.

  • I’d like to see kristic play more minutes in the next few games. If he doesn’t help with the rebounds or isn’t effective then u don’t play him for the rest of the series. This team needs help rebounding and the man is a 7 footer.

  • Wow, I have to admit, I’m a bit shocked by all the Baby hating you guys are spewing. He has looked tired down the stretch but come on, he was consistently a force most of the season. Every coach in the league would take him. He normally plays great defense even though he is undersized. He usually only has trouble with the tall, lanky, mobile types like Gasol and Lopez. You can’t blame him for double teaming to go to Carmelo though. He was TOLD to do that, people! It’s the coaches’ jobs to zone up or figure how to cover if they need to double on Carmelo. The one commenter also was right about a lot of the rebounds; when the ball kicks out from the basket and you get the ball, that’s like finding a 20 on the sidewalk, not a rebound. Not that the Celts were pounding the boards or getting second effort play under the basket much either but you can’t blame every long rebound on the bigs. It’s the guards’ job to fight for those. Rondo got them in Game 1. Except for KG, guys, there’s no Russell or Silas or Bird on this team. Perk wasn’t either. He was just a fair rebounder most of the time. Rondo finally played up to his potential last night. Even his defense was mostly okay. (i’ll ignore his crappy free throw shooting which would have given us about a 5-point cushion). Green is too tentative. Krstic is now being ignored. But the Big 3 were BIG! All in all, we squeaked out another one and Midget Spike Lee got shut out again. That makes me smile!