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Taking Stock: C’s – Knicks Game 1

Taking stock
After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Jermaine O'Neal:  I touched on this in the dump, but he's doing exactly what the C's need.  Just patrol the paint, protect the basket, and rebound.  He shot 6-6 last night because he wasn't looking for his offense.  If he was, he'd have been 4-12. 

Ray Allen:  The only member of the Big 4 to shoot better than 37.5%, Ray finally found his shooting touch.  After the game, he'd say shooting is all about rhythm.  He found his last night.  Just in time.  Now to keep it that way

KG/Pierce/Rondo:  I'm putting them all together because even though they shot a combined 16-44, they all did other things to help the team win.  KG had 13 rebounds… five of them were offensive.  Rondo had nine assists and nine rebounds… three of THOSE were offensive.  And Paul Pierce played solid D on Carmelo, hit clutch shots down the stretch then made the pass to Ray… trusting his teammate and getting the win.

Sell Ray Allen/Celtics Bench post 3:  You know, for a veteran team, the Celtics really lost their composure after Ray hit that shot.  Ray and Delonte were celebrating while the Knicks, who had no timeouts, were bringing the ball up the floor.  THEN, Doc and Lawrence Frank were both screaming to give the foul… which Ray was going to do as Melo launched the 3.  Luckily he pulled back in time.  Toss Rajon Rondo into that mix too.  He had a chance to foul but didn't.  As Doc said… they got away with one there.

Hold Jeff Green:  He played very well defensively and helped keep Carmelo Anthony in check while Pierce got a little rest.  Offensively, we need to see a little more… though he did make a couple of jumpers.  Again, though… no rebounds in 17 minutes won't cut it. 

Glen Davis: He actually played pretty well for a guy who shot 1-8.  He was a team high +13.  I want to see more from Baby, though.  If you're gonna trash talk Amar'e Stoudemire… back it up and stop him.  Is that asking too much of Big Baby?  Not when you run your yap and say its not that hard to guard someone.  Baby set the bar pretty high.  Now either shut up and play… or back up your words.

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  • Gotta say… Glen was pretty stupid to call out Amare on being “easy to defend”. Now you can expect Amare to make Baby eat his words. -__-

  • The game turned around in the second half when ray allen started attacking the basket and finsihing with lauyps. First on a regular set offense he just took the ball and attacked and got to the basket with no problems. Then the Knicks came down missed a shot Ray allen pulled down the rebound and instead of passing to rondo at the outletb\ who was ahead in the fast break Ray faked a pass too him and just exploded down the court and got a fastbreak layup coast to coast by driving. Its almost like he knew rondo would push and not commit to the basket which makes the defense not commit to him and kills the fastbreak. Tommy pointed this point out many times and i couldnt agree with him more and i hope the celtics staff notices these things(for everyone that watched the game on fox sports net or comast net) . The only time rondo really commited to a layup in the fastbreak was the next possesion after ray took the ball coast to coast and finished with his layup. Rondo ended up doing the exact same thing and pushed but instead of getting the layup he got fouled( he missed both free throws but that’ll happen). Tommy pointed it out and its very true instead of making the defense commit he sees we don’t have numbers stops and starts dillydalling at the top of the key before the defesnse commited too him where if he just pushes it a little more he would make the defense commit and set up trailers coming down on the fast break. If rondo does this in my mind for the rest of this series it will be an easy sweep bc the knicks can’t play defense and were letting there defiecienies be covered up by setting up in half court sets and letting the defense get set which and use their defensive strategy which helps alot. All in all great win Jermaine O’Neal played like a champion( or a Celtic whichever ud prefer). i also liked how much the celtics tryed for offensive rebounds. In the last month two months i feel like the big 3 and rondo just gave up on offensive rebounds which lead to our low rebouding numebrs in the end of the season. Today everyone attacked the glass with force and it reaped huge benefits id tell everyone to keep hitting the glass and just get back on defense once the knicks secured the rebound.

  • Baby got posterized in the first or second quarter by Stoudamire, didn’t he?