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KG finishes second, Rondo 5th in DPOY voting

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a bit surprised by this.  I just figured people have written off KG's defensive impact and moved on. 

When Rondo can stay in front of guys and stop gambling, he'll win this award.  This is Dwight Howard's third DPOY.  Congrats to him. 

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  • TA interesting

  • the fact that rondo is in the top 5 shows that sports writers or whoeevr votes for these awards have no idea whats going on. Rondo shouldn’t even be in the top 50

  • G4L

    I agree…

  • Bogut? Uhhhhh what? Who votes for this, their friends?

  • TA has been talking alot of shit lately, and this will certainly fuel the fire.
    I’m surprised at a couple of those names, especially Grant Hill. Hinrich would get a vote in my book, he might not get as many steals, but he knows how to stay in front of his man. Guys like Lebron & Rondo play the passing lanes and make these lists by getting steals. Bird did the same thing.

  • Bogut blocks ALOT of shots

  • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t think Rondo’s in the Top 200. Every guard in the league had their season high or at least a great game off of him in the regular season. Billups toasted him several times as well last night. And these voters ignore people like Baby and Chuck Hayes of Houston, probably because they don’t start and these people don’t even know what to look for in a defensive player. There is no way that Dwight Howard should be number one because, although he blocks a lot of shots, he doesn’t really shut his man down on defense. Centers still score on him without much problem. Parish and Kareem would score 50 a game on this guy.

  • Where are Shane Battier, Trevor Ariza, Paul Pierce, Serge Ibaka and much as I hate his ugly puss, Martin Gortat? These guys work hard, night in and night out and stay in front of their men all the time and force them into doing things they don’t want to do. And when they steal the ball, they usually step into the passing lane and not do cheap hooks from behind when their man has already beaten them.