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Jermaine O’Neal Ignites the Celtics

As recently as the last week in March, the mere mention of Jermaine O'Neal's name elicited more smirks than smiles.  He was a routine punchline since January when he, and the organization decided to have him take the surgical route in an attempt to salvage his first season with the Celtics.  Based on his first playoff game last night against the New York Knicks, he was the main reason the Celtics won, according to head Coach Doc Rivers.

“We won the game tonight because of Jermaine O’Neal. That’s it. I mean he was, forget his offense. His defense, his presence, his shot-blocking, his rebounding, his toughness – and he did it in both halves. He was absolutely wonderful.” – Doc's words to reporters following the game.

The most amazing aspect of his game last night was that it came after being whistled for early foul trouble, so he had to wait until the second half to make his presence felt.  With the Celtics dragging their way through another aggravating and lackluster effort, JO ignited his team with some inspired defense and timely baskets.

Picking up where he left off in DC, JO let his play do his talking and you could just see the rest of the team feel like they got slapped in the face to wake up and realize it was the playoffs.  The Knicks weren't afraid.  They weren't backing down.  They were attacking and they smelled green blood.  Amazingly, if not for Jermaine O'Neal, who knows if the C's wake up in the second half and steal Game 1.

Take a look below for a collection of highlights of JO's incredible and unbelievable work.  If you were the one fan counting on him for this much production in ONE playoff game, let alone a COMBINED playoff effort, then I'm taking you to Vegas with me.

  • Blocking Amare's drive to the hoop
  • Knocking down the mini-jumper from Pierce's dish
  • Solid D on Amare, forcing the turnover
  • Taking a charge from Amare, but got called for the block
  • Finishing a lay-up off another feed from Pierce
  • Solid foul on a driving Amare
  • Offensive rebound from Rondo's missed free throw
  • Offensive rebound and put-back from Pierce's missed drive
  • Rejecting a driving Melo, then finishing the break with another mini-jumper in the lane
  • After KG keeps the possession alive, Rondo finds JO on the baseline for a jumper
  • Another monster block on Melo
  • Taking the charge on Bill Walker
  • Another solid foul on a driving Melo
  • Drawing the charge on Amare
  • Clutch block on Ronny Turiaf
  • Bigger clutch offensive rebound and put-back in the lane to tie it


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  • perk looks better

  • for anyone whos watching the chicago indiana game- i think these announcers are by far the best on national television games. They actually talk basketball and wats going on in the game within the sport of basketball instead of just being stupid talking nonsense and giving the most most biased stupid opinions on the sport. The talk bad about the refs when they miss the call instead of sucking up to refs where it’s clearly a foul but for soem reason they don’t bad talk the nba refs. If the celtics could have these guys for next series on national tv id be very happy bc i can not listen to van gundy or fucken charles barkley for one more minute. If anyone agrees say somehting.
    Another Point i’d liek people to look at for the upcoming games is which nba refs are reffing the game the best.If u try and watch all the playoff games as I’m trying my best to right now I have noticed they’re are much better reffing squads in some games rather than others. I Believe that we should be able to vote which refs move on in the playoffs series in accordance with which refs are doing the best job. It should be a fan vote on which refs are fair and reffing the best game and the ones the fans vote on who should be able to keep reffing in the playoffs is wat im saying. I feel like some nba ref squads are legit and call the game right while on the other hand some nba squads are in it for the NBA LOGO and moneymaking and calling better for superstars and bigger NBA CITIES and actually call the call the game different.This is the The only way these refs will be weeded out or Plus it will still give us the beenfit of the doubt as fans. Plus it well leave us with the best refs possible bc fans will be voting on them instead of the nba picking them(Kind of hard to trust the average nba fan but id trust them more than the actual NBA).

  • J smooth is in the house! His jump shot looks effortless. Taking charges,blocking shots. Pluggin up the lane. Glad to see him have a good game.

  • All the refs suck when the calls aren’t going your way. That being said, it sure seems that we get screwed a hell of a lot more than other teams. I know the New York fans are crying right now, but there were a number of calls that went against us throughout the game. As far as the announcers are concerned, I cannot stand listening to TNT or ESPN. It’s too bad they block out Mike and Tommy in my hometown (L.A.). There’s been times when I simply mute the TV. You’d be surprised at the perspective you get when you don’t have to listen to stupid announcers’ and/or color commentators’ view of the game.

  • Say hi to all the folks over at Celtics Blog for me.
    Care to speculate what The Great Perkins’ four points and five boards Sunday night would have spelled had he still been in Celtic green?
    The answer: defeat.
    Kendrick Perkins is fast approaching the vaunted title of “Celtic Most Chronically Overrated on the Web.” We’ll have to find Gerald Green, though, to get the trophy to its rightful home.