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Your Morning Dump… Where we get you crazy hyped for Game 1

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Here in Boston, you try to win more than one championship," Davis said. "You win one, that's OK. You win two, you'll be a hero here."

As much as the Celtics' veteran bunch are trying to stay ahead of Father Time, they are just as committed to racing toward Celtics immortality as being remembered as one of the great Celtics teams.

And the only way they can lay claim to that, is to win at least one more championship.

"That's what makes being a Celtic so special," Paul Pierce told "You're part of a family that's all about greatness. Not just individual greatness, but team greatness. Here, people remember you for the team you played on. For this franchise, it's all about team goals, championships."

CSNNE:  Core of Celtics ready for one more run  

There is something this Boston Celtics team HAS to know.  Not only, as Big Baby says there, do you have to win at least a couple of titles to be a great team…

… but this might be their last chance.  There's a potential lockout that could change the entire complexion of this team.  There are potential injuries.  And there is, as always, age.  Next year is the most uncertain one for this new Big 3.  

So they've got to do it now.  Now is the time to lay claim to greatness.  Now is the time to cement their names in the annals of Boston history.  These playoffs… starting tonight… with this team… THIS is their chance to stand along side the Havliceks and Couseys and Russells and Birds.  THIS, right now, is not just a run for another title, it's a run for a legacy.  

And not just for them.  No.  For ALL of us.  This is the run for Banner 18.  This is the run that protects our greatness from the charging hoards in Purple & Gold.  This is the run that puts an added year of distance between us, and our most hated rivals.  

These guys are not just protecting their own legacies… they are protecting ours.  They can either be another wall in front of Red Auerbach's legend… or they can be bulldozed and let those……. Lakers……. into our exclusive party.

WE…. the Boston Celtics…. the players, the fans, the city….. WE…. are the greatest franchise in NBA history.  Tonight, this team sets forth to make sure everyone knows that. 

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On Page 2: Big Baby is ready to face Amar'e Stoudemire… and talks a little trash

"I've just got to make him react to me, not me react to him, because it's too late," said Davis. "[If] he gets one step on you he's too strong, he's too quick, and then you're going to foul him. You've just got to make him play into your game, and the playoffs is a different stretch of games. You've got more time to focus on people, understand their movements, things like that. I'll be studying him a lot, especially [Saturday night]." 

ESPN: Playoff stage awaits confident Baby

Glen Davis has had a lot of success defending a wide array of power forwards and centers this season.

The Celtics [team stats] forward yesterday put Amare Stoudemire — a player who is sure to make his life difficult — on that list.

“It’s really not that hard; I don’t know why,” Davis said when asked about the challenge of guarding the Knicks star. “I’ve been tripping. I give him too much credit.”

Herald: Glen Davis prepares to face Amare Stoudemire

Whoa… how about that… a little trash talk from Big Baby.  I kinda like it.  Please, someone tell Amare what Baby said so Amare can try to go 1-on-5 every possession and "get his" while Melo sulks out on the wing.  The Knicks system isn't built for a ton of iso's and 1-on-1 play… so any bit of yapping that tweaks one of these guys into doing that works for me.

And we really are going to need the first half Glen Davis to show up for the playoffs.  And with all the freaking out over Shaq, Baby's going to have to step in in Game 1 and prove to everyone that we're going to be OK without Shaq in the first round.  If you ARE going to trash talk… you sure as hell better back it up.

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  • awesome

  • Yeah, that one game Doc keeps talking about was a fight and tonight is going to be no different.
    BBD along with the rest of the squad, is getting in the Delorean for the playoffs and he’ll pick up a few charges from ‘Melo this series.

  • I don’t get why Davis guards Amare and not our best defensive player, KG. Someone explain this please. Is Shelden Williams that much bigger?

  • Long time reader, first time comment poster from Kazakhstan.
    BBD should be watching tape of Knicks/Rockets game from 11/14/2010 when Chuck Hayes totally shut Amare down.
    here’s the link to the vid:
    anyway, boston in 5! and then all the way!
    Go C’s!

  • Well, first you have to understand that Baby, in my opinion, is one of the best defenders in the league. He does have trouble with the lanky Centers who are very mobile, such as Gasol and Lopez (KG does much better with those types because Baby is just too small and his defensive skills are overwhelmed by their height). But the ones who need to pound the ball to the middle are his thing. First, he understands that you need to put your waist right on the hip of the direction they like to go in (that would be the opposite hip from the hand they prefer to use for their shot – the left hip of Shaq if he’s setting up on the the right side of the key if you were facing it). Baby is great at this. What this does is deny them the space toward the middle of the key where they are more comfortable shooting. Second, he puts his chest right on the shoulder opposite their shooting hand and again denies their ability to get to the direction they want to go to (ala the Chuck Hayes video – a very Baby-like defender). By doing this and never ceding any space closer than 8 feet from the basket, he denies them the opportunity to get where they want to go and keeps them far away from where their simple height advantage would overwhelm him. Plus, why put KG on someone who will be getting the ball thst often if you don’t have to? He can always use his long arms to give you help defense down low if Amare does get past Baby’s chest and hip blockade.