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Recap: Ray Allen is one cool mo-fo

Ray Allen's three pointer with 12 seconds remaining in the game propelled the Celtics to a heart-stopping 87-85 victory over the NY Knicks.

It wasn't the Celtics prettiest effort (see the 15 point 2nd quarter), but I really don't care.

Amare Stoudemire was a beast. Twelve of his 28 points came in the 4th quarter. He had two phenomenal buckets on drives to the hoop late in the game. I was screaming for KG to take a half-step back.

Despite Amare's hot hand, the Knicks went to Melo (15 points, 5-18 FG) in the final minute. He responded with an offensive foul (Knicks fans will bitch about this one) and a horrible 25-footer in the final seconds.

Doc Rivers remains the best in the business at drawing up plays during time-outs. He scripted the out-of-bounds lob to KG with 37 seconds left and the Ray three. I guarantee Mike D'Antoni didn't know what was coming.

Shaq who? Jermaine O'Neal (12 points, 6-6 FG, 4 rebounds, 4 blocks) may have played his best game of the season. He had one sweet rejection on Melo that had me spilling beer all over myself.

Kevin Garnett (15 points, 13 rebounds) should be commended for his job on the boards.

Rajon Rondo (10 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists) was extremely active. He did make a couple of bad passes late in the game, including one outlet that went over Ray's outstrectched arm with 50 seconds remaining.

Chauncey Billups was helped off the court late in the 4th. He suffered what appeared to be a knee injury. It looked serious.

UPDATE: Sherrod Blakely spoke with Billups: Says his left knee just buckled a little down the stretch. Should be good to go Tuesday

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  • Jermaine O’Neals hustle, shot contesting/blocking and good shooting was a big reason for the comeback win.

  • Holy crap, they sure don’t like doing things the easy way! Thank God, once again, for Ray Allen! In all seriousness though, that game coulda gone either way. D’Antoni must be wondering what the hell they have to do to beat the C’s. I thought KG looked really old near the end and then he goes up and throws one down to cut the lead. Speaking of old, I owe JO an apology, apparently the Pacer retirement party will have to wait awhile. Looking forward to KWAPTS report from the Garden. That was a crazy way to start the playoffs, one of those games you hate to lose because of the emotional drain.

  • Great job JO, lets keep that up and finish this in 5 or 6. Paul love playing in the MSG too. Keep these games under 100 and we wrap it up quickly.

  • Yep…. Its official, the play-offs are here, and our boys are ready to war… besides the 2nd quarter, & a few sec. there in the 4th quarter, these guys look to me to have turned on the switch… take away the turnovers, that 2nd quarter, & Baby’s inabilites to pass the ball, this was a well rounded game by our C’s, & it really should have been a double digit win, but as KGDunks say… ”The C’s love doing things the hard way” I tell you what though… The Knicks probably should have won that game if they want a chance to win 1 in this series, cause now the C’s are ready for anything they throw our way…. Looking forward to Tuesday night…. Great way to start the play-offs #TeamCeltics

  • Game ball go to Doc Rivers and JO…. Doc Rivers was a hell of a coach in those closing moments…. & JO provided energy all night long…. Great game JO!!!!

  • live and die by the 3 and bye-bye chauncy

  • I was seated right above Knicks tunnel, and when we saw Chauncy hobble off, we knew the Basketball Gods were going to help us eke this out. And a big FU to all the J.O. haters. Dude has seriously gone way above expectations. Great night for him when Krstic and Shaq both couldn’t go. For Game 1 of a 1st-rd game,that building was electric. Alot of tension bewteen Knick and C’s fans. I’ll do a post on it tomorrow.

  • I was seriously worried about this game at first and even when we got that defensive stop at the end, I wasn;t sure whether we’d be able to close. Basketball gods were on our side though and we finished like beasts. I know that we can do it now, can’t wait for Tuesday at TDG and Friday at MSG 😀 😀

  • JO chose surgery and rehab and it’s paid dividends! What a difference from his performance with Miami last post season. If C’s get this from JO expect a deep play off run for our boys.
    A perfect day of sports in Boston. Sox win, Lakers lose, CELTICS!
    What an electric start to the march for 18. So much pressure. Go Celtics! 15 to go!

  • Lots of hat tips tonight: Thank God someone got the memo that Ray’s open. More touches.
    Jermaine O’Neal gets a game ball. Huge influence on both ends of the floor.
    So do Pierce and Jeff Green, who did a really nice job on Melo. You’re starting to see how Green can defend outside that horrific defense-less scheme in OKC – 60 points for the Nugs at the half and Perkins is no factor. In fact, the dude with one name is kicking his ass.
    A game of two halves – the first was the same old end-of-season shit that got us in trouble. The second was championship Celtics defense. Gee, I thought we traded that to OKC in the Bill Russell deal.

  • Ray Allen is simply legendary. He’s the most deadly 3 pt shooter at the end of games by a mile. Imagine if Chicago managed to sign him last year.
    Someone tell Jeff Green the playoffs started. Weak debut.

  • Yeah, right. Green played terrific defense on Anthony in relief of Pierce – which is the exact reason he was acquired, relief for Pierce.
    If you want to see a weak playoff debut, catch the OKC game and Bill Russell … I mean, Perkins.

  • ++++1. It was nice to get the capitan some rest. Green will have a monster game, Hell, J.O did, no body expected that. Checked out Celtics blog, and noticed how in the article J.O s performance was down played. Hardley gave the guy any credit. Totally bogus man! Thats why I come here. Reds Army speaks the truth baby.

  • I’m not worried about that Rondo turnover. We NEED him playing aggressive. That’ll mean turnovers sometimes. The same guy who overthrew Allen threw the perfect oop to Garnett.

  • lets not all jizz our pants here. U should be mad at those turnovers by rondo u need him being aggressive dribbling the ball and attacking and dishing in transition if he does that the celtics will win the series. The game turned around in the second half when ray allen started attacking the basket and finsihing with lauyps. First on a regular set offense he just took the ball and attacked and got to the basket with no problems. Then the Knicks came down missed a shot Ray allen pulled down the rebound and instead of passing to rondo at the outletb\ who was ahead in the fast break Ray faked a pass too him and just exploded down the court and got a fastbreak layup coast to coast by driving. Its almost like he knew rondo would push and not commit to the basket which makes the defense not commit to him and kills the fastbreak. Tommy pointed this point out many times and i couldnt agree with him more and i hope the celtics staff notices these things(for everyone that watched the game on fox sports net or comast net) . The only time rondo really commited to a layup in the fastbreak was the next possesion after ray took the ball coast to coast and finished with his layup. Rondo ended up doing the exact same thing and pushed but instead of getting the layup he got fouled( he missed both free throws but that’ll happen). Tommy pointed it out and its very true instead of making the defense commit he sees we don’t have numbers stops and starts dillydalling at the top of the key before the defesnse commited too him where if he just pushes it a little more he would make the defense commit and set up trailers coming down on the fast break. If rondo does this in my mind for the rest of this series it will be an easy sweep bc the knicks can’t play defense and were letting there defiecienies be covered up by setting up in half court sets and letting the defense get set which and use their defensive strategy which helps alot. All in all great win Jermaine O’Neal played like a champion( or a Celtic whichever ud prefer). i also liked how much the celtics tryed for offensive rebounds. In the last month two months i feel like the big 3 and rondo just gave up on offensive rebounds which lead to our low rebouding numebrs in the end of the season. Today everyone attacked the glass with force and it reaped huge benefits id tell everyone to keep hitting the glass and just get back on defense once the knicks secured the rebound.

  • JO was great. Ray-Ray came to play. The defense finally stepped up. Paul and Green did a great job denying Anthony in the second half. Rondo was a 5 on a scale of 10. Missed his two free throws, was ice cold in the second half though he hit a few mid-range jumpers in the first half. But made two VERY bad full court pass turnovers in crunch time. Slowed down the tempo too much again and drove to the basket more but did not finish with power. Great lob from out of bounds to KG. Only mostly sucky on defense tonight which is a vast improvement. Need way more from the bench. All in all, I’ll take it. The Knicks left this one open to be taken and we did, by the skin of our teeth. Whew! At least the Lakers Sucked!!

  • from the WTF Dept: JO 6-6 12 pts 4 blocks and +- -11
    BBD 1-8 2 pts 0 blocks and +- +13
    Stoudemire 12-18 28 points and +- -9
    Sheldon Willaims 1-2 3 points and +- +7

  • Knicks fans should be pretty pissed about this one. That offensive on Melo was pretty questionable.
    That said, a win’s a win.

  • This is the place for honest analysis, not the meeting of the Kendrick Perkins Fan Club that blog has degenerated into. Those poor souls may never recover from the trade.
    Or from the 4 pts and 5 boards that the greatest center in the history of the game put up last night while Nene and Kenyon Martin were kicking his ass.