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Shaq officially out Game 1

This is the least surprising news.  But hey, at least the Celtics freak the hell out of everyone by convening an impromptu news conference after practice and getting everyone guessing about it on Twitter. 

As for the "we don't know when" part… the Celtics won't play round 2 (assuming, of course, they do in fact beat the Knicks) for a couple of weeks.  There's time.

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  • I just don’t want to be doing this all through the playoffs. A solid back-up for Paul Pierce is not as important as a starting center. The Ghost of Celtics Past is going to be haunting this team if Shaq ends up out all postseason.

  • RAS

    why does this not surprise me?

  • Shaq is not gonna play in PO.
    Danny Ainge tried his best to push the situation and win his trade bet, but he’s not working.
    PO with JO and Krstic? Good luck..