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Announcing our partnership with CSNNE

Csnne We are thrilled to announce a content partnership between, and the Comcast Sports Net… the Home of the Boston Celtics.

This means that you'll be seeing a lot more of CSNNE's content here on Red's Army… including a lot more videos and postgame interviews from the guys.  You'll also see some Red's Army  material on their Celtics page and Ted's Army material on their Red Sox page.  

This will begin on Monday, the day after Game 1 against New York.  Again, we're very excited to see where this goes, and happy to be working with CSNNE.  We hope this means big things for the site and you readers.  Just another step to make this your #1 stop for everything Celtics.  Thanks to you all for making things like this possible.

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  • I will be curious to see if the tone of the blogs echos CSNE. Let’s hope not.

  • Congrats! Glad to hear that CSNNE has the good taste to join up with you.

  • This is definitely what I’m worried about. I love RedsArmy because it definitely feels like a Celtics blog made by hardcore Celtics fan. I love how each article has Celtic passion in them.
    CSNNE in the other hand does a “professional” news reporting feel to it, which I don’t mind, but would kill that sort of chemistry I loved in this blog.

  • I was wondering when this was going to happen. Particularly because TedsArmy has left BostonDirtDogs in the dust. Good going, guys. I hope you can quit your jobs soon.

  • Just to address concerns: We are who we are. We have certainly evolved over time, but our tone and style is what it is…. and companies that partner with us do so because of that. To partner with us and expect us to change makes no sense for either side. CSNNE understands that, which is why we did the deal.
    There’s no point in partnering with Red’s Army if you’re going to change what’s successful. We’re always looking to grow as a blog and as writers…. but we won’t water things down

  • Congrats on the ever expanding success and exposure. You guys deserve it.

  • give us the terms of the deal. how much was it for, and for how long? are you guys planning on buying a brand new yacht, or just a canoe?
    PS: your site takes way too long to load. try cutting down on the ads and it’ll load faster (i know, i know, you gotta fund that time share in cancun somehow).