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Your Morning Dump… Where the guys are refreshed

Pierce, Ray and Rondo having a good time on the bench

"Those little aches and pains, it's amazing — when you play so many games, the little injuries you get, you play through them," said Pierce. "You get numb to them. Then you sit down for a couple games and those injuries go away. That's when you see the difference. I'm feeling pretty good right now."

ESPN Boston – Renewed Celtics are ready for the playoffs

I just love seeing those guys relaxed on the bench.  And I don't think I've ever seen Rondo laugh like that.

And hearing Pierce talk about how much a couple of games of rest heading into this playoff preparation helped justifies the decision to do it.

I'm going to be honest here…. I don't get the obsession about where a game 7 will be played.  Yes, home court would be nice.  It's an advantage to not have to travel and play in front of your home fans.  But in the end, the better team should win.  And if the Celtics are fresh, then I really think they'll always be the better team.  A few days of rest to recharge the batteries… and then a series where there are two days off between some games… will do wonders for the C's effort and execution.  

I just get the feeling that the Celtics are going to come out against New York and play pretty well… and the rest of the NBA will sit back and say "whoa… ok…. I guess the Celtics are back."  And if that's how it ends up going, then we won't need to worry about a game 7…. because no series will get that far.

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On Page 2, KG talks about what makes him smirk, the C's 50 million plays, his future, and a message directly to the fans

Celtics Sideline Reporter Greg Dickerson sits down one-on-one with Kevin Garnett to talk about some of the questions for the Green going into the postseason.

"You don't flip anything", says Garnett. "But when we're locked in, we're hard to beat."

Garnett also speculates on the potential lockout and whether this could be his last playoff run.

CSNNE: Kevin Garnett: Curioius to see C's full throttle

Stick around to the very end (the video's not even 5 minutes long) for KG to talk to you, the fans.  

I know "flip the switch" has become a popular phrase around here.  I hope these guys understand why we all use it so much.  But whatever you wanna say KG is fine with me. 

The last part of what KG says is an extension of my "home court advantage" thing.  If the Celtics can truly feed off the crowd and make the Garden an impossible place to win for another team… then all they have to do is win one game on the road in each series.  Just one.  That's not so hard to do.  

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  • Preach on my brother!!

  • After watching the last couple of games, I really feel their success is going to hinge on our ability to get Jeff Green quality minutes and his ability to mesh and produce. I am looking forward to seeing both JG and PP on the floor together covering the 2 and 3 or the 3 and 4 spots giving either KG or Ray some rest. Jermaine looks good for 20 good minutes a game as does BBD, Nads for 10-15 and any Shaq at all would be a bonus.

  • I’m talking about that whole year. If you’re talking about game 7 at all, that means your team will lose 3 games by then. And that is not very ambitious approach. And the last year they lost game 6, also, and to me more important game 3 that they shouldn’t lose, and everyone is talking about game 7.They are good enough to get the job done in 4 games, if we are a bit more realistic, in 5 or 6 games, so they should not think of the pressure of the potential game 7, and they only ambition should be not to go that far. Kill the opponents will quick and clean.