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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #14 “West Coast Connection”

Fanstore As we get ready to start the playoffs here in Boston, it's important to remember just how much of an impact the fans have. Kevin Garnett talked about it yesterday with CSNNE. He emphasized his love for the Garden crowd and how they "come alive." So if you're heading down to Causeway Street on Sunday and/or Tuesday, get loud! Let the Knicks hear it-because you know that the fans at MSG will be doing the same.

Now on to this week's fan…A friend of mine told me about Rasaan, aka The_Reason11 on Twitter, a couple of weeks back. Rasaan is one of many Celtics fans who live in enemy territory-the West coast. He was born and raised in San Francisco, and now resides in Hercules. 

Ff2 Rasaan remembers watching the Celtics and Lakers in the Finals as a 7-year old kid. Everyone in his family was cheering wildly for the Lakers, but something about those guys in green and white got Rasaan's attention. Was it Bird's tenacity and smooth moves under pressure? Or Parish banging down low while enforcing the paint? Whatever it was grabbed onto Rasaan, and since 1984 he has bled green.

Rassan's dream came true a couple of weeks ago when he and some friends (pictured at the bottom) made the trek to Boston to see the Celtics play the Pistons. It was their first-ever visit to the Garden. Rasaan described the experience of seeing 15,000 or so Celtics fans in one building "breathtaking". Looking up at the 17 banners and numerous retired numbers in the rafters was "by far" his most memorable Celtics experience. With the playoffs starting this weekend, Rasaan told me he feels that the Celtics have a good chance to return to the Finals and win the championship. Let's hope he's right!

As always, thank you everyone for reading and feel free to get at me on Twitter with any suggestions or requests for fans you would like to see profiled on FanFriday. Have a great weekend, and GO CELTICS!

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