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Delonte’s in, Shaq’s…. oh… whatever

Here's the injury update from practice

Despite appearing glum about his prognosis and sitting out Wednesday's regular-season finale against the New York Knicks, West looked in full health Friday during 5-on-5 drills to close out the session, and remains on target to play in Game 1 on Sunday. 

"Delonte's fine," said Rivers. "We're 100 percent, except for Shaq. Everybody else is pretty good, and that's good.

Great news about Delonte.  The Shaq news is… Shaq news. 

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  • hey all who do you think will be in the 12? I got
    J O’neal
    V Wafer
    and Shaq
    Talk to me

  • Shaq will be questionable the rest of the playoffs.

  • I’d rather they not train Shaq just to be on the safe side. If he plays Saturday and looks good then he should start training again.

  • Yeah, that’s gotta be the line up. So that leaves Murphy, Pav, and Avery out? If Shaq doesn’t go it’s Murphy I guess.

  • As long as Shaq is healthy enough to give us 10-15 minutes per game, that is all we’ll need out of him. JO, Krstic, BBD, and even KG can fill in at the 5 adequately enough for the rest of the game.