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Your Morning Dump… Where Shaq’s status remains a mystery

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"Delonte will be [playing] for sure, from everything I hear," Rivers said.

The news isn't nearly as rosy or optimistic on the return of Shaquille O'Neal, who is still nursing a strained right calf injury suffered on April 3 against Detroit.

When asked when he would like to see O'Neal back in the Celtics lineup, Rivers responded, "Shaquille, I'd like to see him yesterday. We'll just have to wait and see."

Rivers' position on O'Neal is one that's cautiously optimistic.

He has been down this road too many times this season, thinking that he would have the 7-foot-1 center available only to learn at the last minute that he would remain sidelined.

Because the Knicks' lack of depth in the middle, there's a pretty good chance that O'Neal wouldn't play much even if he were fully healthy.

CSNNE – West will play Sunday, Shaq uncertain

We knew Delonte would be playing. The dude could have a gunshot wound and he'd still lace them up.

Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers continue to waver on Shaq's status. Is he more hurt than they are letting on? Are they being coy to mess with the Knicks? I have no clue.

With Jermaine O'Neal playing more effectively of late and the Knicks lacking a true center, the need for Shaq has diminished. But I'd love to see Jared Jeffries or Amare Stoudemire try to guard him even for 10 minutes a game.

Here's the schedule for Round 1:

Game 1 – Sun., April 17, New York at Boston, 7 p.m (TNT)
Game 2 – Tues., April 19, New York at Boston, 7 p.m. (TNT)
Game 3 – Fri., April 22, Boston at New York, TBD (ESPN)
Game 4 – Sun., April 24, Boston at New York, 3:30 p.m. (ABC)
Game 5* – Tues., April 26, New York at Boston, TBD
Game 6* – Fri., April 29, Boston at New York, TBD
Game 7* – Sun., May 1, New York at Boston, TBD

Two days off between Games 2 & 3 and Games 5 & 6. Heaven.

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On Page 2, Sasha and Avery impress.

Rookie Avery Bradley poured in a game-high 20 points on 10-of-16 shooting over 27 minutes off the bench, while Sasha Pavlovic chipped in 19 points on 7-of-10 shooting over 35 minutes off the pine in what amounted to a mere playoff appetizer.

Pavlovic is likely fighting for a spot on the 12-man active roster in the playoffs, but might have shown enough at both ends to warrant a final spot. He's still gotta edge Wafer, but, ultimately, as Doc Rivers said pregame, the Celtics hope to never have to lean on the end of their bench in the postseason.

ESPN Boston

Avery Bradly had a couple of nice dunks last night. And Sasha surprised me with his smooth stroke and feisty attitude. For those who missed it, Bill Walker gave Sasha a smack-to-the-nuts during a jumper (Good to see Billy learned something from KG).

All this talk of competition for the 12th active roster spot is a waste. As Doc explains in this Jess Camerato article, unlike the old days where a roster was set for a series, he can change the active roster from game-to-game.

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  • Great to see the guys play their minutes strong and get a W last night. And I think Pavlovic earned some respect last night. Also props to the fans, place looked rockin.
    Hell yeah, post season. I think the answer to both your q’s is Yes, Shaq is more hurt and Yes they are being coy by not sharing anything about it. Cortisone is hit or miss, let’s hope it works for him, no ‘what ifs’.
    As for the guys that are playing, after a few nights off you have to think they are itching to get into practice and get tuned up for post-season basketball, just licking their chops at the inside game they can play on NYK. Make them play D and the Green should be on to the 2nd round. MSG here we go!

  • Dickerson reported he talked with Danny and that Shaq was expected to play sunday. I for one don’t think he is more hurt than he is because they showed him hobbling out of the building but the very next night he was at a boy scouts event? i dont think he would have showed up to that if he was in THAT much pain.. especially the next day.

  • What happened to yesterday’s Recap? Is Red’s Army not doing one because they don’t care about anyone except the starters? I think that’s pretty sad. The last two games were probably the most important games this season with the playoffs in mind. If our bench doesn’t play with the confidence they did the last 2 games, in the playoffs, the C’s are screwed. Yesterday was a statement game. Our bench against their strongest (or only) interior defense and offense. This year’s biggest failure has been our inside presence, and most importantly interior defense and rebounding.
    You know, even if Red’s Army doesn’t agree with the stated reasoning of the necessity of a Re-cap, it’s the last damn game of the regular season… so who was the lazy pessimist that said “well screw it i’m not going to write the last one.” Get on the ball fellas. You must realize that different people use Red’s Army in different ways, and as your followers increase, consistency is a must. I for one, look to Red’s Army after every game for their two cents. Some people just have a single use for Red’s Army, so if you slip just one day, their dependency on that one thing goes with that slip.
    Sorry for rambling but it really didn’t sit right with me to have no Re-cap, especially after “Your starters for this meaningless game are…” This is a CelticsNation fan blog. We’ll leave the lack of Re-cap or care about the game to the opponent that lost to the C’s. I even requested some highlight reels of Bradley’s jams, and even though I really didn’t expect you guys to post em, I now feel cheated X2.

  • First… i’m sorry you feel that way. Of the 82 games this year, I think we’ve done 80 recaps. Sorry we missed last night.
    Second… the Bradley dunks are coming. We post things all day long and you posted your comment before noon… there’s still a whole day ahead.
    And yesterday was not a statement game. It was as meaningless a game as you’ll get in the NBA. Everyone involved will tell you it meant nothing because 80% of those guys won’t see a second of PT.
    I’m very happy you choose to read Red’s Army. I hope you continue to.

  • Whoa, I think we all speak an open mind here so I will do the same. You have every right to your opinion, though I think you are grossly overreacting. The fact is the regular season is DONE and good riddance, and the majority of the people are looking for post-season hype. And since Red’s is about fans first, they gave us what we wanted. I laughed at the Morning Dump stating the obvious about Shaq, because that’s exactly what I was thinking. Get on the ball fellas? These guys are on the ball the minute the game ends. And if slipping one day, even for a few hours, on the last meaningless game of a relatively meaningless regular season looses readership, I genuinely have no idea where they will go for competition.
    Keep coming back, and keep posting. I just disagree with you on this one.

  • “Getting on the ball” was referring to the fact that, essentially it shouldn’t matter to Red’s Army whether a game is meaningless or not. Red’s Army has a group of everyday blog topics. If I, a Red’s Army reader, only come to this site for Your Morning Dump. It’s part of my routine, I wake up in the morning and I see what the Dump is. If I wake up one morning and there’s no Dump. And i keep checking all day, and a Dump was never written. I might not depend on the Dump anymore for my C’s news.
    When you are a huge C’s blog, or any huge business for that matter, you have a lot of people depending on consistency. And when you offer many many products or blog subjects, people are going to pick their favorites.
    You might say I over-reacted but I think the post was just long. If I said “Hey Red’s, where the hell is the Re-cap?” I honestly don’t feel like my message would’ve gotten through.
    I never said “You guys suck at your job and always have.” I simply stated that as a service to the people, be consistent, and don’t determine what might be important to the everyday reader or not. Just keep posting. Any blog writer should be able to feel good about themselves about a reader of their blog being pissed that they didn’t write.

  • As i stated to Bantam below, all we ask is for consistency. And not the Celtics end of season consistency. Which means, next season you should aim for 82 of 82 games, or don’t recap at all.
    If i went to McDonald’s everyday for a Big Mac, and just for today they decided not to sell it. Not for any solid reason, but just because they felt like it wasn’t important to sell it that day. That would piss me off, not only because there’s no concrete reason, but also because if they don’t feel a need to deliver today with no concrete reasoning, then they should just not sell it anymore period, as to not disappoint a customer for that one day.
    Sorry if my previous post seemed intense, but it’s just basic business principle i’m bringing to light and it really shouldn’t be up to Red’s Army to determine what’s important, if the site is in fact for US, the fans.
    By all means write a Re-cap saying “This is meaningless but I’m writing it anyway.” We come here for YOUR two cents which should kind of make you feel good, no?

  • Passion in the form of Anger is sometimes a sign of the Love behind it. I love what you guys do. Every bit of it. I log on every single day, whether Celtics play or not. You have my fan vote and support 100%. My bookmark bar has 3 sports sites… NBA, RealGM, and Red’s. It’s that simple fellas. Keep it up.

  • I’m happy that you’re expressing your opinion. I’m always happy to listen to criticism of the blog. I don’t, however, appreciate the tone of said criticism. It really came off quite harsh.
    But like I said, I appreciate that you’re a passionate reader of the blog. Hope you keep reading

  • No you didn’t say they suck at their jobs. You said they were lazy pessimists that didn’t understand basic business principles. Passive aggression still counts, even in basic business.
    You have every right to expect 82 recaps. The majority of the fans since the W have commented about post-season talk rather last night’s game so I think Red’s did, in fact, represent the fans. But I very much respect the fact that I very well could be wrong as you are a fan voicing disagreement, awesome.
    But I stand by my statement that you overreacted and it would be a healthier debate without the unnecessary mud.

  • You know if feelings were hurt, so be it. The point is the point. Lets not forget this is a blog where even Red’s Army knows how to be harsh when expressing opinions.
    My opinion is that it took a lazy sourpuss to say “I’m just flat out not going to write a Re-cap because I believe it was a meaningless game and I feel like RedsArmy readers don’t want to see a Re-cap anyway.”
    Red’s Army doesn’t respresent fans. They enable fans, whether it’s with new scoop to share or opinions that fans can agree or disagree with openly. But at the end of the day Red’s Army is someone’s or a group’s opinion.
    We accept that it’s someone’s opinion, we read it, we use it. So if the opinion is “This is meaningless.” THATS EXACTLY WHAT PEOPLE COME HERE FOR.
    So to conclude, leave the broken hearts and hurt feelings at the door. As no one is threatning a life, THIS IS A BLOG. I appreciate you taking my words into consideration, but I really, take the emotion out when making an honest effort to understand an opinion.
    Btw, Bantam, “You said they were lazy pessimists that didn’t understand basic business principles.” Please stop taking my opinions out of context. I never said they didn’t understand basic business principle. I said for 1 day (or 2 days according to RedsArmy), they neglected ONE basic business principle, which is consistency in product. I’m all for healthier debates, but this isn’t one or shouldn’t be one. The fact is that this business took one of their products off of the shelves for one day, assuming no consumer would want it that day.