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Doc on WEEI: “No one said no” to Perk trade

I was THIS close to deleting my notes from Doc's weekly WEEI appearance because there was nothing really interesting being said. 

Then he was asked about whether the Perkins trade was the right move (here we go).  And to his credit, Doc didn't give a canned answer.  When asked if it was the right move, he said that we'd have to wait and see if it was the right move.  Meaning… if the Celtics win the championship, then it was the right move.  If not, then it might not have been. 

When asked, again, about how it all went down (in an effort to see if this is still affecting the guys) Doc said he talked to all the key players about it and no one said no.  Pressed on it and asked specifically if Rajon Rondo was on board, Doc repeated "no one said no."  Obviously the question insinuates Rondo has been pissed off about the trade and that's the cause of his poor play.  I'm sure Doc's answer is a thinly veiled way of saying it's not.

Yeah… the topic keeps coming up.  And people keep asking and Doc, to his credit (or maybe not) keeps answering.  I hope that this puts and end to the talk…but I know it won't. 

Not much else of note from the show other than he thinks Delonte West will play on Sunday.  We don't know about Shaq yet, but its possible.  And when the topic of Kobe's slur came up… the guys jokingly asked what if David Stern had a full-time lip reader on KG?  Doc said "We'd be in trouble."

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  • “No one said no”? Someone please put Doc on Michelle & Colin’s “liar board”! That is total bs. Rondo has NEVER been the type to hold his tongue & not voice his opinion. He doesnt attatch to others too easily, & Perk was as close to him as the right side of his body. So there is no way Doc or Danny actually came to Rondo, asked for his thoughts, and Rondo complied. NO WAY. Rondo would NEVER agree to sending away his best friend, even for the so-called “good of the team.” Whether it was the right thing to do or not, we will soon see, but I am a firm believer in, “IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT.” We were a team, solid and strong, before the trade. Now……*shrugs*?

  • Now… we’re much deeper than we were before the trading deadline.
    Most NBA players aren’t anywhere near as selfish and immature as all that. It’s a business. They get paid regardless. Perk was traded because he demanded more than he was worth, and didn’t live up to the hype.
    Rondo is an All Star now. Perk – isn’t, and won’t ever be. He’s an afterthought. and he has been for a long time now. Playing in different cities doesn’t mean they can’t still be friends off the court.

  • Eh I doubt Doc is lying.
    Honestly, I think Rajon has just been tired. He has played extremely aggressively all season long and people are taking his ability to do that for granted. Thus the Perk talk is a way for people to rationalize how Rondo could be playing at a level that is less than he is capable of.
    Deep down, Rajon knows how long the post season is. He knows that every game is harder on his body. So despite being able to say the right thing, he couldn’t make himself bust his a** at 100% effort after the all star break. He knows what’s coming.
    What was he going to say? ‘This is all BS till the playoffs, I’m going to take it easy, play at 50% effort, because if I don’t, I won’t have anything left to win a championship, just like when we lost to Orlando in 2009.’
    While a lot of fans do understand that and would respect him for being truthful, a lot of fans don’t understand it and would be pi**ed off. It could effect ticket sales and tv ratings and such.

  • right now this team would be filthy with perk- getting thru the bulls/lakers/spurs is going to tough

  • Yes, “most” NBA players arent as selfish and immature, but we’re talkin about Rondo, who can be quite stubborn. Yes, IT IS A BUSINESS, I agree, but it wasnt just business in Rondo’s eyes. To him it couldnt help but be personal. Yes he will get paid regardless, Im not saying he wont. What Im saying, is Doc lied about no one saying “No.” I never said they wouldnt still be friends off the court, of course they will be. But it wont be the same as being neighbors in the same city, playing for the same team in that same city. Im not talkin about Perk’s performance or why he was traded, again, Im speaking on Doc’s comment.

  • Indeed, Rondo is tired. I would think they all are. I dont use Perk as an excuse for the way he’s been playing, although it is a big factor. No, he couldnt have done anything about the trade, but that doesnt mean he was in agreement with it. Doc is lying.

  • Curious so what are some reasons Doc would want to lie about Rajon’s position on the trade?

  • Perk isn’t on this playoff roster. And yes, Doc is posturing. It is what HCs do in press conferences, though I don’t know if Van Gundy can make his stuff up.

  • “No one said no.”? Come on, even if you arent a fan of the Celtics you have to admit that doesnt sound right. Perk was on that team forever and created bonds with all the other teammates. Why would it be so easy for them to agree? That is, if he even came to them and asked their opinion beforehand, which I doubt. The way I heard it, they didnt know about it until after the fact. Look at the video clips, watch the association. They were all in shock. I dont know the absolute reason for Doc to lie about Rajon’s(& the rest of the team’s) position. Maybe he wants to look like he’s behind Danny’s decision. Maybe he isnt sure how he feels about it himself. Maybe he thinks it was the wrong move. Pick one. I dont know Doc to say exactly “why”, BUT I DO KNOW RAJON PIERRE RONDO!!!! He did not agree to that. Im not sayin Doc is the “bad guy”. Im saying what I know. That statement was false.

  • Thank you very much:)

  • Right on. He’s doing what he needs to do.

  • Are 5 points and 9 boards a game worth $9 large a year?
    Not even close.
    I will say this: All this maudlin Internet BS conflating Perkins into the greatest center in the history of the game has been grand fun amidst the slide.
    Just about as funny as the people who thought Nads was going to step in and play just like Perkins.
    But we live in a world where people still think giving all of society’s money to the rich is a good idea, so as KG loves to say, “Anything’s possssssibbbbbllllleeeee.”