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Your Morning Dump… Where history makes Danny confident

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“I feel more confident about this team right now than I did going into the playoffs last year,” he said. “I think a lot of this is human nature. It’s a marathon, and it’s hard. Every team has challenges. Look at what’s happening with the Lakers and what every other good team went through at some point this year. But I believe in our guys. Hey, we played like crap for the last 54 games last year. We had a good one here and there, but we were throwing games away. Then those same guys stepped up and played the best eight-game stretch we’ve seen here in the last four years. Those games they played against Cleveland and Orlando (in the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals and finals, respectively) were unbelievable. I could never have imagined they would play that well after what we’d done.”

Herald: Danny Ainge offers uniform response on Celtics

Most good teams have gone through some struggles. The Lakers just broke a 5 game losing streak.  The Spurs had a 6 game losing streak not too long ago.  Miami lost 5 in a row in March.  The Magic have had an up-and-down finish to the season.  

Only the Bulls have managed to storm throught their schedule.  And yes, the Celtics issues are more dramatic than all of these other teams because people can look at a single event and blame that for their woes, the C's still aren't alone in struggling late in the season. 

As down as I've been on the way the team has played lately, its not how I expect them to play in the playoffs.  

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On Page 2:  KG says "we gotta fight for our lives"

So we went down to Miami and were ready to play against the Heat.  The game was an early game and we seemed focused.  Started out on moving the rock, but we got lazy and didn't take care of the ball.  The intensity was playoff like and good to know my teammates are ready to go to war with me! Team's Got to get back to the game, no easy hoops motto.  JO gave a clean hard foul, which caused some issues, but part of the game.

We lost the game, which makes us realize the playoffs are coming and we gotta fight for our lives. 

Wiz on the back to back and Doc decided we were going to rest.  The guys played well, but couldn't finish.  J Green runs like a gazelle!  JO looked like his old self with some old school DEFENSE!  Big Baby showed how he needs to play and he can play.  It's tough to watch the guys play without playing.  Rondo, Paul, Ray and I did not play.

KG's Anta Blog

Oh? Losing the Miami game is what made you realize the playoffs are coming?  

Man… I hope these guys realize it now after what I just said.  

By the way, I expect the same team that faced the Wizards to face the Knicks tonight.  This game means nothing to both teams… so expect Ronaldo Balkman in the starting lineup for them.

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  • Positive energy I love it!!! In Ainge I trust.

  • Loved trade. Danny is a great GM that put together a championship team almost from scratch, starting with a team that lost 18 in a row. That being said, the playoffs this year will define his legacy in the eyes of many. If this was a movie script, it would end with a Finals match up vs. OKC, with Celts sweeping in four, Green avg 20 off bench, and Shaq, JO and Krstic dominating Perkins.
    Doesn’t anyone remember how the Celtics had turned into a laughing stock before Ainge? If Shaq is healthy, the Celtics will be starting 4 future Hall of Famers and Rajon Rondo! But as the Red Sox have reminded us, games are not won on paper. Playoff games are won by heart and strength, and grace under pressure. Celtics are 16 games away from Title, history, and the second chapter in legacy Danny Ainge.
    Third chapter begins when Danny orchestrates transition to next championship run with acquisition of next superstar.
    Now on Twitter as Celticsbanner