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Worried about the Cs? Listen to Ric Bucher

ESPN basketball analyst Ric Bucher was on WEEI this morning. And despite the dire tone of John Dennis and Gerry Callahan (they make me look like an eternal optimist), Bucher expressed confidence in the Celtics ability to make it through the Eastern Conference.

Listen Here.

Bucher gave the Knicks very little chance to beat the Celtics. He cited their lack of defense and inability to score in a half-court set.

As for the Heat, Bucher likes the Celtics chances in that series too. He dismissed last week's blowout loss in part because the Heat needed flukey performances (Joel Anthony) to win and the Celtics showed their ability to dominate in the first quarter.

What about Chicago you say? Bucher has concerns about the Bulls collective lack of playoff experience. The Celtics have been through the wars, the pivotal game 5s and 7s and now what it takes to win. He's not sure if anyone outside of Derrick Rose will prove to be a clutch playoff performer.

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  • I couldnt agree more. I definitely think the bulls make it past the first round but when they get to the magic I think their lack of experience in the lost season will come back to haunt them. They are good, no doubt about it but I just don’t see them making it out the east this year

  • Also, Andrew Bynum’s mandatory annual injury just happened.

  • I’m kinda not feeling their chances this year anyway…
    But get this, Steve Blake has chicken pox.
    Chicken pox is extremely contagious. By the time you know you have it, you’ve probably exposed a bunch of people. Once you’ve had it, you don’t get it again, but if you haven’t had it, you will probably get it if you are exposed.
    Lakers who have not yet had chicken pox: Kobe, Artest, Bynum.
    There’s no way you’d be able/allowed to play with it either.

  • I agree with what Bucher says, but…the Celtics have no bench right now, just names who are underperforming. And our golden child Rondo isn’t trying. We will see this weekend.

  • but blake could have infected opposition members too right ?

  • i agree that celtics dominated 1st quarter. they are the best but they just need to believe in themselves which they are not at the moment. 2009 magic went to finals got blown out 4-1. lebron’s cleveland went to finals and spurs swept them. it is the celtics that took lakers to 7 games also kicked them in 2008. celtics lost game 7 because they did not believe what they are capable of.