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Kobe whacked $100K for gay slur

Wow, I didn't even expect Kobe would get hit with that much of a fine when I called for one on Crossover Chronicles.  It's a strong message sent by the league… and a good one. 

Let me also say that this has nothing to do with Kobe Bryant being the guy who said it.  This has everything to do with this having no place in sports anymore.  I don't care if it was KG, Paul Pierce, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose or anyone else.  

Was Kobe the unlucky one who bore the brunt of the punishment because the camera caught him and not someone else?  Yes he was.  But that's how it goes.  I give the league credit for sending a strong message about this.  

This is more than just dropping an f-bomb or something.  This is a slur.  And that's a problem… a big one.  I'll stand here and argue that all night long too.  Just because someone is wearing a uniform and it happened "in the heat of battle" doesn't make it right.  And not to get too preachy, but gay slurs are the last form of "acceptable" slur out there today.  If someone had thrown the n-word at Kobe, this would have been armageddon.  I know some people will strongly disagree with me… but this is on the same level.  It's a mindset that needs to change, and I'm glad the NBA took some kind of stand against it.

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  • Copy that.

  • I think the only reason they made the fine that much is to make all the organizations that were complaining happy and to make it look like they are super angry about it. I’m not saying that they don’t care, but you can’t fine someone 100k for a word they said when they didn’t know they were being filmed. One of the bad things about being a celebrity is everything you do is 100x worse. But I think a fine is the right thing to do in this situation with all the controversy. Since TV is delayed a couple seconds, the network should’ve just blacked out that part.

  • Obviously David Stern was personally offended.

  • lollollol that was good lol. i bet if they caught kg doin that he would try to find that camera man and kill him. fareal tho i been to a game courtside and they say soooo much worse, slurs, curses what have you. sucks to just be caught.
    vinny del negro has a sailor mouth for instance.

  • Not gonna say that I’m not disturbed with him saying it, but it’s more upsetting because of his bullshit apology; mostly, because as MrTripleDouble said, it wasn’t even an apology.