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KG’s under-the-radar great season

RedsArmyAdmin April 13, 2011 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Paul Flannery takes a great look at what has been a pretty damn good season for Kevin Garnett.  

At only 31 minutes a night Garnett isn’t chasing any rebounding titles, but consider that in the time he is on the court only two other power forwards grab a higher percentage of defensive boards: Kris Humphries and Kevin Love. Offensively, he is knocking down 16-23 foot jump shots at a 47 percent clip. Among big men, only Al Horford and Dirk Nowitzki are better (Garnett is essentially equal with David West). “He’s surprised me with how efficient he’s been,” Rivers said. 

Defensively, Garnett has been phenomenal. The Celtics are once again among the leaders in defensive efficiency as they have been every year since he arrived. What makes this season different is that Garnett anchored the backline without his longtime running mate,Kendrick Perkins. Yet no matter who the Celtics put back there with him, be it Glen Davis, the O’Neals or Krstic, the Celtics defense is still strong as long as Garnett is on the court.

In the episode of "The Association" which included KG's calf injury, Paul Pierce said flat out that the Celtics don't win a title without Kevin Garnett.  And that's very likely true.  We've seen them try a couple of years ago… and last year with about 80% of KG (if that).  

This year, he has been great.  And as Flanns mentions, even with the stretch this season where his demeanor was what everyone was talking about, he kept on playing his game without missing a beat. 

Hit the link… this is a definite must-read while you're on your lunch break.

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f2d28d7970c BigMck

    This validates my preseason pick of KG as team MVP.
    God damn I’m good.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/pjluscombe Pjluscombe

    yup, KG is still great. Wouldn’t mind seeing KLove in green next year.