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Celtics-Knicks: Fun Facts

I wanted to call this "Did You Know?", but a certain sports network already took that phrase. So I chose to go with the corny, but simple; "Fun Facts". These are just some interesting tidbits of info about the Celtics, Knicks and some of their playoff history. Each fact has a link to the site/story/person who I credit for the info. 

Fun Fact #1: Paul Pierce is tied with Kobe Bryant for most 30 point games by an active player at Madison Square Garden. (7)

Fun Fact #2: The Knicks have not won a playoff game since April of 2001.


Fun Fact #3: The Celtics & Knicks are two of the original teams from 1946 when the NBA was first formed.

Fun Fact #4: In an absolutely amazing performance, Larry Bird had a triple-double of 39,12 & 10 to help the C's defeat the Knicks in Game 7 of the EC semis in 1984.


Fun Fact #5: In what was the beginning of the end for the original "Big 3", the Knicks eliminated Boston on the Garden floor in the infamous Game 5 of the 1st round of the 1990 NBA playoffs.

 So what do you think CelticNation? Will this be an epic battle of a series? Or a quick sweep for either    team? Who will the stars be, and most importantly, who will win and move on to Round 2…..?

Let us know in the comments…

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  • celtics in 5

  • refreshing to see some positiveness

  • Celtics in 5 if Shaq goes the whole series. In 6 if not.

  • Celtics in 4. Thats right 4.

  • Celtics in 6, but the 2 losses are at home