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Your Morning Dump… Doc makes his case for rest

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“With the way we’re playing right now, I think we do need (the break), so we’re going to take it. And we don’t have a lot of time. This has been an unusual ending to a season with all the games. The decision was made on how we played (Sunday at Miami) and that we lost the game. That was more of what this is about.”

The larger goal for Rivers is to get his team ready for a mini-training camp in the latter part of the week.

“Best-case scenario we play Sunday, which I think is what’s going to happen with the Bruins [team stats] (who play Game 2 at the Garden against Montreal on Saturday). I really thank them,” Rivers said. “But there’s still not a lot of days. You get Thursday, Friday, Saturday — that’s it. Then you play a playoff game.

“This way you get Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and your practice on Thursday can be a great practice with fresh guys, and we can really get to work. So I’d rather do that. The whole reason is that it allows us to have practices with energy, and I think we need that more than anything.”

Herald – Doc Rivers orders rest

I thought home court advantage meant something this year. Hasn’t that been the mantra since Game 7?

Forget about it. Doc is not willing to fight to the end for the Eastern Conference 2nd seed. He doesn’t care about having a better record than LA or Dallas, two potential Finals opponents.

Doc Rivers is living in the present. He doesn’t like what he sees from his starters and he wants to get them right for the playoffs. The best way to get them right – practice.

It’s a gamble… but in Doc I trust.

On Page 2, Jermaine O’Neal played his best basketball last night.

O’Neal didn’t just register his first double-double while posting season-highs with 15 points and 13 rebounds, but logged a whopping 36 minutes 54 seconds of court time, the most action he’s seen in a regular-season game since turning in 37:27 for the Heat against the Magic on March 18, 2010.

O’Neal has a balky left knee, one that caused him to squeeze in a maintenance day last Friday night against these same Wizards, this after sitting out 57 games due to injury this season. Monday’s effort was an encouraging step for O’Neal and showed his potential to contribute for long stretches in the postseason (especially important given the uncertainty surrounding Shaquille O’Neal and his ability to stay healthy in the postseason).

Jermaine O’Neal was active around the basket Monday. Not only did he haul in 13 rebounds (five in the offensive end), he also blocked five shots. Then late in the third quarter, he found some space going toward the basket and delivered an emphatic (and unexpected) left-handed jam with Andray Blatche and Yi Jianlian only able to watch. Dare we say, it was as explosive as we’ve seen O’Neal since his 2004 MVP candidate years in Indiana (OK, maybe not that good, but you get the point).

ESPN Boston

Before you discount Jermaine’s performance against Washington, let me remind you that the Javale McGee and Andray Blatche are two very athletic big men. Jermaine had to work for his boards (except when Yi was on the floor). If he delivered 50% of last night’s effort against the Heat, the Celtics might have had a chance.

If he plays like this in the playoffs… (fill in the blank)

Jermaine will not play Wednesday vs the Knicks. I’m guessing he’s sore as hell.

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  • All I’ve cared about all season is health and staying ahead of the Lakers. We need the Spurs and Kings to beat them and we have to beat New York to get home court advantage over LA. If we rest the starters against New York (if LA lose tomorrow) we’re throwing away HCA over LA. I recall Doc saying after Game Seven if that Game 7 was in Boston it would’ve helped? So after all that the Celtics have said about getting Home Court what have we done? Played like shit against good teams and rested players when we’re still in a battle with the Lakers the team we lost to in a game 7 in LA.

  • There were a million things that could have made last year end differently, and home court was only one. There was also “not blowing a Finals game at home” and “Sheed getting in shape during the season so he would have more to give in Game 7” and the Perk injury, to begin with. I don’t care if they get HCA or not.
    But I am concerned that Jermaine O’Neal aggravated something last night and won’t play at all in the playoffs. That sounds like him.

  • How worriEd should I be about delonte west??

  • This is a new season with new issues, I think right now Doc is more concerned with getting to the 2nd and 3rd rounds. With everything that has happened since the all star break the Finals are a long way off, lets not get ahead of our selves.

  • Rondo recorded as saying when they hit the floor (playoffs) they will be ready. Given past month play its hard to trust that statement. Now Doc has to rest players and use next few days for intense practice to integrate the “new” guys…. hmmm Miami fighting to the end and winning. Hope the c’s don’t disappoint and its all for not.

  • I’m fine with resting these guys. HCA was pissed away earlier in the season to teams like the bobcats, washington, new jersey etc.
    One thing I noticed last night was that Ray Allen was the only starter on the bench. Pierce was there early, then gone. If Doc was resting the starters and trying to get the bench more together I think the starters should have been there to show their support and show that they are a TEAM. Just an observation that bothered me.

  • Doc’s comment about the Miami game says it all. If they were trying to win and got destroyed, they need to re-group with rest, practice, and a rejuvenated perspective.