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Taking Stock: C’s-Wizards

Taking stock

After each game, we'll be taking stock in each players… and maybe coach's… performance.  If we like what we see, we're buyin'.  If we don't, we're sellin'.  Or maybe we'll just hold onto our stock until we see more next game

Buy Doc Rivers:  I am buying the move to rest guys.  I know the arguments against:  You want a better record than the Lakers in case we go to a game 7.  My argument for: we need to get to the Lakers first.  The Celtics need to get good practices in so the new guys can learn.  This is THE most important thing.  Without this time to practice and FINALLY teach these guys something, this team is going nowhere.  This is a good long-term playoff move by Doc.  

Jeff Green:  I've been hard on this guy lately so I'll be happy to acknowlege a 20 point 15 rebound effort.  He played 47 minutes and got plenty of opportunities to make plays, get comfortable, and learn.  Maybe one thing we learned is that when he doesn't feel the need to defer to the Big 3, he can play.  If he learned that he doesn't HAVE to defer to the Big 3 when he's out there… then resting the starters was a genius move.

Jermaine O'Neal:  He played 37 minutes and, by all accounts, survived.  That's huge.  Plus, he had this dunk, which I'm sure in the game felt much nastier than it looked.  But hey, small victories.  He had 13 rebounds a day after getting none.  I'll take it.

Sell Von Wafer:  The missed free throw that would have sealed the game is one thing.  Missing a wide open dunk… celebrating because you thought it went in… and then running into your teammate who grabbed the rebound to force the turnover is one of the most embarrassing things that can happen on the floor.  And he knows it.  Look at his face after he realized what happened.  That's pure pain, folks. Of course… you know that… because you probably made the same face when he did it.

Troy Murphy:  Remember when we were all on pins and needles hoping he wouldn't go to Miami?  Yeah, he should have gone to Miami.  They'd have been the 6th seed by now. 

Hold Glen Davis:  Great stat line (except for the rebounds) 20 points, 3 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals and a MONSTER block on Javale McGee.  But I can't buy into his game because I know he's relying on too many mid-range shots.  He's taking almost 5 shots per game from 16-23 feet.  That's what KG takes.  Baby is not KG.  He needs to remember that.

Delonte West:  Another right ankle sprain.  Like we needed that right now.  I'm not just holding… I'm holding my breath that this is minor. 


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  • D

    “Baby is not KG. He needs to remember that”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The problem is at times he thinks he’s Kg, and Allen, and Pierce….etc. I have never likes his game and until he knows his roll I don’t think I ever will. I wanted him shipped out at the deadline because I really can’t stand the sight of the guy.

  • Playing roles? Like an assist machine, lock down defender? Like draining 3’s and jumpers with deadly precision? Like being a ‘no layup’ defender and the Big Ticket on offense? Who the hell is playing their role since the All-Star break?
    Baby is taking crap shots because the team is playing poorly, not the other way around.
    Ok, I have a soft spot for BBD. He leaves every calorie on the court each night. IMO he is an overachiever as a 6th man even. I’m with you on the boards, but essentially if Rondo was driving, if KG would take it to the rack, and if Ray was on his jump shot, Baby would be setting more picks and passing. And didn’t yesterday someone complain that Rondo keeps running the pick and roll with BBD? What is he supposed to do when his PG sets him up in the pick and roll?
    NO question his role is energy, defense, and some picks off the bench. Simply put, if the STARTERS and LEADERS on the team do what they are supposed to do, Baby will most certainly follow suit.
    Which brings me to my point!
    The guys need practice mainly because the starters need practice, not mainly to integrate the other guys.
    sorry.. just start the playoffs!