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Red’s Army Roundtable: The Perkins Trade

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We're debuting a new feature that we'll be peppering in with the rest of our stuff every so often.  It's the "Red's Army Roundtable"… a short podcast with the whole staff that is all about one topic.  Today, we all gather round and discuss the Kendrick Perkins trade… simply because its a topic that will not die.  We hope to finally kill it by determining once and for all what the effect of this trade has really been.  If you've got 20 minutes… listen to the discussion and then weigh in on it yourself in the comments.

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  • Nice work, boys. Some audio issues, but nothing major. John — your voice sounded surprisingly Drew Magary-esque. It kind of freaked me out.
    …and ending the talk about this trade is a bit of a pipe dream — this is going to be a major discussion around these parts for years (especially if we don’t win the title this year).

  • One of the things I’ve said all along, Danny made a huge mistake opting to sign Murphy instead of Powe. This isn’t a hindsight is 20/20 deal either, I’m not saying this just because Powe’s started to play good for Memphis. I thought it was a no brainer to bring in Powe, especially after how hard the guys took to losing Perk. Kind of like a brother lost a brother gained thing.
    To one of KWAPT’s points, not only are they playing shitty, but it doesn’t even feel like Arroyo, Murphy, Kristic, Sasha, Bradley, and even Green to some extent are on the same team as are incumbents. They just aren’t meshing well.
    It doesn’t help are frontline has turned into the biggest bunch of p****** ever, getting punked by the likes of Kurt Thomas, Joel Anthony, and Juan Howard this past week.
    Not signing Powe is the one move I still can’t believe Danny f’d up. Think about it, what are all of are biggest concerns right now? Chemistry? I’m pretty sure all our guys from Doc to the big 3 to guys scalping tickets outside the stadium love Powe to death, check. Rebounding? we’ve missed Powe’s rebounding for two years now and we could damn sure use it now, more than check. Toughness? for my money Powe’s one of the toughest SOB’s out there, everything about him is tough, check.
    And this all coming from a guy that defended danny letting powe go.

  • The trade is nothing more then good excuse. They got bored, like they did last year. Then they had injuries to blame, now it’s trade. Only problem that I see in this is in that process new guys(and there are more then you wish at this time of year) can’t learn right what they should know about this team. It sure is hard for the core guys to lose Perk, but it’s not all sunny for the new guys nether. They’re the ones that go through transition also. New enviroment,new team with a bunch of frowned faces around. And when the newbies do something wrong, through vets heads probably goes how pointless this all is, so they just give up. It’s very hard when you can’t achieve expectations not because you’re not doing everything you can, but because someone is constantly raising the bar just enough so you can feel underachieving. Especially for a bunch of nice guys, cause honestly, they’re all too nice.
    Season is too long. If you ask me, and nobody does :), but I’ll go there anyway, there shouldn’t be more then 60 games per season, there shouldn’t be back to backs, the schedule should be better organized with all long flights and time zones. They are tired, hurt, in pain, bored, or put it in one word exhausted. And I really do believe this is the main problem.

  • It’s not necessarily an excuse. They lost an elite post defender, intimidator, and overall annoyance to the opposing team. They also lost another well-liked teammate in Robinson. Can we seriously say Arroyo is better as the 3rd guard than Robinson? Nope.
    In return, Ainge whiffed on every buy out signing (Murphy, Pavlovic, Arroyo), got back an equally frustrating, but softer, center in Kristic and now has an enigma (Green) that doesn’t seem to fit the role this team is asking him to play.
    It was a bad trade. I refuse to believe there wasn’t a mid level trade to be made for a back-up swingman instead of this one.

  • What continues to amaze me is the way most Celtics fans and writers seem determined to defend The Trade. Pretty much everyone outside of Boston seems to get it that The Trade was possibly the most inexplicable move ever made by a team in the middle of a hot championship run. They seemed to get that right away. But oh how the Boston Basketball Cognoscenti have risen in a Mighty Roar, almost in unison, to Defend Danny. One person in your Roundtable made the only points that matter: that trading Perkins badly hurt the Celtics’ chemistry, and that you do NOT reboot a team that is in hot pursuit of a title just as they enter the homestretch. To do what Danny did is exactly like a jockey riding the leading horse at the Kentucky Derby deciding to turn around and start over just as the pack enters the homestretch. It is CRAZY. I don’t know if Danny was having a manic episode when he made The Trade, or was drinking too much coffee, or was panicking over the Daniels situation, or what; what he did was indefensible, and if the Celtics don’t win a championship this year, he needs to clean out his desk the next day.
    But, really, why are you sooooo determined to defend The Trade, no matter how absurd you have to make yourself sound doing it? One guy claims that Danny just HAD to fill the bench spot vacated by Daniels, as if it makes any logical sense to fill a spot on your bench by making a huge hole in your starting lineup. Another person claims that the reason we miss Perkins is that Krstic and Green turned out not to be as great as we hoped they’d be; of course, any non-delusional person evaluating The Trade knew from the start that Krstic was soft compared to Perk and that Green was a journeyman with upside, NOT an established star, that neither was great.
    Is it loyalty to Danny that motivates you? That’s a pretty narrow loyalty to have, isn’t it, unless you are related to Danny, or best friends with him, right? Danny is just one guy. One guy who made a very big mistake. One guy who should have known better. You should know better too.
    I hope the Celtics rise up and win a championship and make Danny look like a genius. The ONLY argument that can justify Danny’s Folly is number 18 this year.

  • I do understand what are you saying, but just as you refuse to believe about that swingman trade, and I’m not a fan of the trade nether, I refuse to believe they can’t pull it through. He’s not here anymore, and as soon as they realize that, they’ll be able to move on. We are talking about professionals. Yes, they’re human too, but at the end of a day it is their job they got to do.
    Don’t think I’m insensitive, it’s just for my own sake. Cause if I believe they’re just tired, then few days of rest can do miracles. I really believe in those miracles.

  • It’s not about defending the trade, it’s about accepting it. It’s already done, so it’s pointless to yap about it anymore, you or the guys of the above.

  • Or every other person. I don’t want to make it personal.
    It really is pointless.