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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s might not be so mentally tough

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"I've got to figure it out. And then I've got to get them to stay with it," Rivers said. "We play for seven minutes to start the game and turn it on, then say, 'This is the Celtics!' Then, bam, it's gone. To me, it's gone because a couple of things didn't happen our way, we get frustrated and we can't play right. That's a concern."

Frustration bubbled over in the Celtics' locker room Sunday. After Thursday's head-shaking loss in Chicago, Boston players expressed concern about straightening out their problems. But with a win the next night against the Wizards, Boston renewed its pledge to come out with more focus against the Heat, hell-bent on securing the No. 2 seed and home-court advantage through the second round of the postseason.

[…] "You expect a little more urgency, especially in the last week of the season," captain Paul Pierce admitted. "But we understand what it is. The hustle game is killing us. We're not rebounding the ball. It's very disturbing when I look up and we're down 15 rebounds to a team [that's] really not known for [its] rebounding.

"I think we've just got to get our heads right. Everybody's got to look at themselves individually and ask themselves what can they do to make this team better."

ESPN Boston: Celtics don't seem to have a plan

The line about being frustrated and not playing right… that's the line that gets me.  And its a running theme.  Doc called his guys a "front-running team" that hung its heads after Chicago made a run the other night.  

If that's true… if that's the way this team is going to play… then we can forget the Finals.  If this truly is what we're going to see out of the Celtics… a team that hangs its head when there is adversity… then we can just turn to hockey or baseball (did we mention we've got a baseball blog?) and be done with the heartache that is being caused by this team.

I'd like to think that's not how it will be.  I remember similar things being said about the team last year and… though Doc insists last year was planned and this year wasn't… would like to think we'll see sustained efforts in the playoffs.  

Doc could just be setting us all up, you know.  We didn't hear about this "plan" they had last year until this season.  While it was happening the team was saying and doing all the same things its doing now.  The circumstances are absolutely different… and the integration of players is making things really, really hard. But a lot of the other stuff is sounding the same. 

We'll see, I guess.  This next week is going to make all our heads spin.

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On Page 2: Will Doc throw in the towel and just take the 3rd seed?

To sit, or not to sit?

That is the question Rivers acknowledges he doesn't have a concrete answer for right this minute.

"That's something we do have to think about," Rivers said. "Not sure what's better for us, just sitting it out or playing the next two."

Rajon Rondo, the team's leader in minutes played, is indifferent about being held out of action.

"That's coach's decision," Rondo said. "You know how I feel. I'm pretty young. It don't matter to me."

What does matter is the fact that the Celtics are not just struggling; but through those struggles, they're searching for answers that don't seem to be forthcoming as they would like them to be.

And as you can imagine, it's starting to wear on the players.

"The frustration is high right now on our team," Rivers said

CSNNE: Doc unsure if he'll rest C's core players

I say sit 'em.  Sit them all down.  This is who I'd start tonight:

  • PG: Arroyo
  • SG: West
  • SF: Green
  • PF: Krstic
  • C: J O'Neal

Sasha, Von Wafer, Avery Bradley, Troy Murphy off the bench.  Rest everyone else.  Yes, Big Baby too.  He looks like total ass out there.  And I'm not even just talking about the jumpers…. which are a big problem.  But he's slower.  And he's flailing around.  He looks like the season has taken its toll on him and he's out of gas.  Whatever it is, he needs to sit.  

I know I took some heat yesterday for saying I don't care if the C's face New York.  I still don't.  I know they've got good players.. but they're not a good team yet.  Are they more dangerous?  Sure.  But can they be handled in the first round?  Absolutely. 

Rest the starters.  Rest Glen Davis.  And when you play NY on Wednesday… rest them then too.  15 minutes max for all of them.  Then get ready for the playoffs. 

The C's need healthy, rested legs.  Get your work in in practice.  Screw the games now.  Figure your stuff out or else we'll become the 87-88 Celtics.

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  • I agree with everything you say. Don’t even start them, sit BBD ass down. Take last years approach and practice hard. If I see BBD take one more jumper I am going to flip shit. ahhh frustrsting. Honestly, they all need to look deep inside and see that they just have to overcome adversity. If they can’t do that then I don’t want to hear UBUNTU

  • Rondo seems indifferent about almost everything under the sun.

  • Is there really a need for rest tonight when the Celtics will have at least 2 full days off between the end of regular season (Wed. the 13th vs Knicks) and the playoff opener (Sunday April 17)?
    Play the starters tonight and see what happens.

  • sit ’em all.. get ready for playoffs

  • I wouldn’t sit them today. I would sit Jermaine, but not everybody else. One win, even against a bad team, can raise your confidence and help improve your chemistry.
    But here is the most important thing why I would not sit them today: the Lakers play the Spurs on Tuesday. The Spurs are still fighting to get homecourt advantage against the entire NBA, so they probably want to win. If the Lakers lose that game, and the Celtics win against both the Wizards and Knicks, Boston will get homecourt in the Finals against LA, and after everything we saw in March and April, that’s an outcome I’d happily take.

  • IMO, if Rondo is in a funk about anything, it’s about being too tired to play up to his normal level. We’ve seen this before at the end of a season where he’s played well only intermittently. There’s no need to further psychoanalyze him or anyone else on the team, they simply play too many minutes all season long to have anything left for the playoffs.
    (I know I’m repeating myself)
    But ask yourself, what’s the single biggest difference between this team and the 08 team? This team has no bench and hasn’t had all year long. You don’t win championships with a team like that.

  • I would cut Jermaine because he’s beyond washed up.

  • Yes, right on. It is homecourt against the lakers we really care about. I posted about this same exact thing a few days ago. True we might not get there, but the biggest seeding priority is us vs. LA. Not much else matters in the end.

  • Celtics bench was doubled up by the Heat’s shitty bench. How is that possible? Glen Davis needs to stop with the 18 ft jumpers he can’t hit. Jeff Green needs to show a pulse…but then again, maybe he never will (as was his rep at Georgetown). Sam Presti is the best GM in the NBA for a reason and he clearly duped Danny as of today with that trade.
    I guess if I was Doc i would play Green heavy minutes the next 2 games and pray he figures it out.