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Recap: Celtics loss secures playoff date with Knicks

Root canal. Kick to the groin. A Tracy Chapman concert. All were better options than watching the Celtics 95-94 OT loss in Washington.

The loss and the Heat's victory over Atlanta means the 3rd seeded Celtics will square off with the 7th seeded Knicks in the 1st round of the playoffs.

The injury bug is still biting. Delonte West reinjured his right ankle in the 3rd quarter.

On the bright side…

Jeff Green had 20 points and 15 rebounds in 47 minutes. Jermaine O'Neal had 15 points, 13 rebounds, 5 blocks and 2 charges.

Glen Davis (20 points, 4 assists) had a spectacular block on Javale McGee (see video).

Both teams combined for 56 fouls and 35 turnovers.

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  • Can’t believe Delonte went down again….This team is cursed.
    I just can’t take this shit anymore. Right now, don’t even feel like watching the playoffs…

  • That was great to watch. Delonte will be fine. It was fantastic to see these guys play with effort and some continuity. I feel much better after watching this game than I did before it. J.O. is going to be effective, Green will hopefully be also. I’m happy we are playing the knicks. Go 76ers!

  • Knicks-C’s should be good theater-especially after that war we had at MSG. I’ll be at Wednesday’s game which should be a chess-match between Doc and D’Antoni. Won’t mean anything, but they’ll surely be trying out alot of sets and combos. Oh and why the hell, did we have Arroyo take 5 secs and then take the last shot tonight? Thought for sure Green would get it. AnyHOO…2 more days and this regular-season finally ends.

  • Bench learning from the starters. Gotta lose the lead by the 3rd Q and in the 4 Q gotta make a reach foul or miss the layup or the dunk to make sure it is very difficult to catch up with the other team. Can’t destroy the record of losing in the regular season. But hey it doesn’t matter who needs first seed we can pull the switch and win it all in the end. Hey it makes more exciting …right. Yeah right……

  • Here are my thoughts: Homecourt against the Heat and Bulls? Who cares? We can beat these guys on the road. The key is Shaquille O’Neal. If he’s healthy and able to contribute, we’ll get to the Finals no matter what.
    If Shaq is healthy and we do get to the Finals, we probably won’t have homecourt, which bothers me because the format sucks for the road team. However, if Shaq remains healthy once again: EVERYTHING’S POSSIBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    P.S.: This will be a very stressful month.

  • anything

  • DRJ

    everything and anything

  • DRJ

    For whatever it’s worth, off subject….. someone I cared a lot about sent me The Promise, by Tracy Chapman… before she died. So I have a permanent soft spot for this particular singer, even if I know almost nothing else about her.

  • What bothers me most about this loss is that we were tied with the lakers in the standings, so all we had to do was win out and have them lose to the spurs tomorrow, and it would’ve been very possible to have home court advantage if we reached the finals. Now, because the lakers own the tiebreaker against us, we have to have them lose out and beat the knicks Wednesday, not likely.
    but oh well, i’m the only one that seems to care. by resting the starters the celtics showed they certainly don’t.
    One thing I’d like to point out though is, that Jeff Green’s main flaw reared its ugly head tonight. While he did have had a great game, in the 4th quarter and overtime he was clearly the best player on the floor and the best offensive weapon we had, yet it seemed time after time he deferred to von wafer and carlos arroyo and seemed content to stand and the corner and wait to see if the ball came to him, rather than take the game over, disappointing to say the least. He has all the talent in the world what he’s lacking right now is a mentality