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How we see it goin’ down: Cs vs Wizards

Tip: 7pm    Court: Verizon Center    Watch it:  CSN    Hear it:  WEEI

Referees: Dick Bavetta, Derrick Collins & Kane Fitzgerald

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The Matchup

Celtics text logo 

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Record: 55-25 (1st Atlantic, 3rd East) Record: 22-58 (5th Southeast, 13th East)
On road: 31-8 At home: 19-21
Streak: Lost 1 Streak: Won 1
Leaders Leaders
Buckets: Pierce (18.9 ppg) Buckets: Nick Young (17.4 ppg)
Boards: KG (8.9 rpg) Boards: Andray Blatche (8.3 rpg)
Dimes: Rondo (11.2 apg) Dimes: John Wall (8.5 apg)
For the Stat Geeks: For the Stat Geeks: 
Offensive Rating: 106.4 (19th NBA) Offensive Rating: 102.5 (28th NBA)
Defensive Rating: 100.4 (2nd NBA) Defensive Rating: 110.4 (25th NBA)
Pace: 90.2 (23rd NBA) Pace: 93.9 (9th NBA)

Last time

The C's toyed with Washington last Friday night with the end result a 104-88 win in Boston. It was a classic "the starters had to play way too minutes vs a bad team" game. Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett had double-doubles.

This time

Get it to:  Ray Allen

If Ray doesn't get 25 points soon, my head is going to explode. Do you know who Washington plays at the 2? Jordan Crawford and D-Leaguer Othyus Jeffers. Enough said.

Gotta stop:  Javale McGhee and Andray Blatche

Fresh off a putrid rebounding peformance in Miami, the Celtics frontline now has to deal with a pair of athletic bigs. Blatche (23 ppg and 11 rpg) and McGhee (14 ppg and 9 rpg) are red hot over their last ten games.

The Wild Card: Energy level

Will the Celtics quit on the regular season? Are they resigned to the #3 seed? Is there any regular season fight left in these ole dogs? All valid questions. Even when playing well, the Celtics struggle on the 2nd night of back-to-backs. I'm afraid to see the effort in this game.

How we see it goin' down

I have no clue. Doc Rivers might even throw in the towel with this squad and rest several starters with the hopes of starting fresh in the playoffs. Because I believe the Celtics have some pride left, I'll say they win 94-86 no matter who starts.

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  • i think this team needs a shake up and quick for the playoffs. as ive said before i beleive moving pierce to the bench would make the team overall muchbetter and a give the celtics a much better chance at the championship. Jeff green now starts at the 3 and is able to run the fast break with rondo which would benefit both of them bc rondo would have aplayer who runs the fast break with him and jeff green who burns big men down the floor would have a point guard who loves to run the fast break with him. Also this would get KG and Ray Ray many more shots as bc of not having to share shot attempts with pierce. Then when u bring in the bench u got delonte wafer pierce baby Kristic/oneal (pending on who u start). This makes the Bench a million times better bc now there is a scorer on the 2nd unit and leadership on the bench and Pierce can go to work against 2nd unit guys as well as get 5-10 more shots per game bc of not having to share with ray ray and kg. Instead of baby taking most of the shots of the bench ud have pierce dominate the ball and be able to facialte with everyone. I personally think it would work and now is the best time as ever bc this team needs a shake up.

  • I have this eerie feeling that Rondo and Ray had a spat and are no longer on good terms… Is it just me or has Rondo virtually stopped passing to Allen? I don’t get it. Is Allen too unselfish??? He NEEDS the ball!! He needs to find his mojo before the playoffs… or else we are doomed 🙁

  • I say we win this game, but please rest Pierce and KG, Ray and Rondo need to get their touch back, we’ve clearly been strugling since they’re strugling, before they take some days off, and maybe solve this issue they may be having, start Green and Krstic, move JO to the 4!!! & Call it a night… By the way, Shaq, Im really running out of it with you… sincerely an impatient fan at this point… Go #TeamCeltics

  • D

    I 100% agree with you. There is something going on there that is painfully obvious. It seems as though Rondo is refusing to pass it to Ray when he is coming off a screen. Ray’s bread and butter!! Now Ray is forcing the issue trying to create his own shot and trying to get a rhythm. Which put’s the whole offense out of whack! My biggest problem and has been all season is Davis. He thinks he’s better than he is and tries to do too much thinking he’s an all star! I also think Davis is the reason Green hasn’t thrived here. Davis thinks he’s the #1 option with the 2nd unit and it’s hurting Green.