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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics wear the cutest outfits


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.

This is the team the Miami Heat must conquer if they want to get to the NBA Finals.

This is the team the Heat must face today for a clear chance at the #2 seed and homecourt advantage in the second round should these two teams meet.

This is also the team that likes to get together and wear simply the cutest little outfits I've ever seen on professional athletes for Halloween.

Looking through the photo gallery, I also don't see any females around in this party aside from Shaq's girlfriend dressed like a, ahem, man. At least here in Miami we all know the best thing about Halloween is having hot girls around dressed in sexy costumes. Just an observation, of course. 

And no they don't get a pass on this. If this was Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James wearing these exact costumes people would still be attacking them mercilessly for it. Yes, it's a crime nowadays to have fun and "chill". I'm sorry but I have to question their competitiveness and their will to be a champion because they had the audacity to cut loose and have a little fun. Heck, Pat Riley can't even dance for charity without being made fun of around the web. Those are the rules, I didn't make them up.

Hot Hot Hoops

Wow. This may be the lamest blog post I've ever read. And John has cranked out some pretty weak stuff over the years.

I'm guessing this blogger has been holding on to the Celtics Halloween pictures for 6 months, waiting to unleash fury after every Celtics – Heat clash, only to be disappointed time and time again as his vaunted Heat wilted.

On Page 2, the Heat fans get crazy?

With that potential meeting in the 2nd round of the playoffs, today's game could end up having a significant impact on the way that series ends up playing out.  Should the Heat hold on to 2nd place, they will be hosting Game 1 of the East Semi's instead of playing it on the road in Boston.  Knowing how crazy Heat fans get when the playoffs roll around and how loud they can make it inside the AAA, I know that Miami will make one hell of a home court advantage for the Celtics to enjoy.

Peninsula is Mightier

How crazy Heat fans get? Bahahahahaha…

Is he talking about the same fans who didn't even show up on time for the start of yesterday's game? There were a few hundred empty seats in the lower bowl several minutes into the 1st quarter. Didn't the Heat marketing department have to make a video asking begging fans to show up and be loud?

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  • Ya, dude. Imagine that. Professional athletes being faithful to their wives. What a bunch of fags!
    This post is indicative of how I feel about the greater Miami area as a whole. They have stupid priorities, shallow interests, and a shitty sense of what is important.
    The Celtics are actually friends, and actually do things together. God forbid. Maybe if LeBron and D-Wade would stop taking Bosh’s lunch money, they could actually win a title.
    And they still have to win the next 2 games or hope we lose one to get second seed. I honestly hope we get it, just so I can watch the Knicks knock those clowns out in the first round.

  • Wow that is lame. I can’t think of a single reason why they get more media attention than other teams, they keep such a low profile.