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Celtics choose to rest starters

I'm fully on board here.  Home court means nothing if these guys aren't 100%.  They're looking to sit Pierce too, but he's pushing to play.  We'll see how that turns out.  Jeff Green, Delonte West and Glen Davis will start.  I'm against Baby starting.  I want him to sit too… but I'll take this as a nice compromise.

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  • I’m 100% opposed. There still is a chance to win the 2nd seed. Is Rondo hurt? Is Ray hurt? Is KG hurt? The answer is no.

  • they could probably still win this game..and if jeff green gains come confidence with this extra PT this could be huge! he needs it!

  • I’m for it. First of all, we need to worry about the FIRST round before we even think about round 2. Secondly, we aint gonna win round 2 if our bench doesnt play better.

  • I want to see Jeff Green play about 46 minutes tonight, no three pointers. I will have a fit if I see him camped out in that damn corner again.

  • Same here. Seeding is still in play, and not just in the East. Miami could lose one more game and we own the tiebreaker with them, AND we are tied with the Lakers and Dallas in the West, I’m not sure how the tiebreakers work out there, but it would be nice to hold out hope that we make the finals and have game 7 in Boston.
    Hopefully we still win and get Green and the second teams some confidence.