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Your Morning Dump… Where everyone’s talking about Derrick Rose

Rose d on Rondo Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Not even Rajon Rondo’s cockiness and pride could discourage this admission. On this night, and in the last meeting, too, Derrick Rose was the better point guard […] 

There’s no question that Rondo ranks among the league’s top point guards, but the Bulls star showed him what he lacks: a consistent jumper, the ability to finish at the rim, and a sustained interest in defense.

When Rose dribbled, switching hands, he looked in Rondo’s eyes and sensed vulnerability. All Rondo could do when Rose decided to take his muscular, 190-pound body to the rack without much fear of heavier, stronger bodies is stick his right hand in and hope for a distraction.

Globe: Point is abundantly clear

"They're not chanting 'M-V-P' for nothing," said Boston's Kevin Garnett. "He's well deserving, how he's carried himself, how he's played. His play is doing all the talking."

CSNNE: Celtics praise Rose's polished game

In our never-ending quest to rank everything, people have now latched on to last night's game as the definitive "Rose is better" statement game.  Which is fine.  He's better at a lot of things. 

As I said last night on Twitter, Rose and Rondo are two very different players who play very different roles on their teams that just happen to play the same position.  You can't tell me Rose is a better passer than Rondo… and despite Rondo's disinterest in guarding people 100% of the time, Rondo is a much better defender than Rose is.  

But Rose is the #1 guy and he's carrying the entire Bulls offense.  And he's a highlight machine.  So that's what people will pay attention to.  And I won't deny that he's an awesome player.  I won't deny that he's a top MVP candidate.  

But let's not compare these two players.  They're different.  They do different things.  They're asked to do different things.  So you can't throw their stat lines side by side like TNT did and say "wow… look how much better Rose is!"  

Last night, Rose was obviously better.  Rondo was not very good at all.  Rondo will have to be better… and he sure as hell can be… if there's a rematch. 

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On Page 2: Is there no switch to flip this year?  And what the C's really lost in the Perkins trade

Rondo will be the first to acknowledge that this team isn't built to surge like that group did in the postseason.

"It's not the same team," Rondo said. "We're not going to be able to turn it on like we did last year. Even last year we came up short. I don't know what we're waiting on. But these type of games, we have to find a way to win on the road."

CSNNE: Celtics know they can't "flip the switch"

Call me crazy, but I don't believe him.  Didn't the C's say this last year? 

Rondo's right about this not being the same team, though.  We're relying on Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic to be something that they're not.  And this is where I will accept some amount of Kendrick Perkins comparisons.  What they lost in Perk is all in their heads.  What the C's lost in Perk was a tough SOB who was absolutely not afraid to get in someone's face.  They lost a player who plays angry all the time. 

What they got back is Jeff Green, who probably holds the door for everyone and sends thank you notes to guys after they help him in practice.  And they got Nenad Krstic who seems so confused right now that if this was a TV show, he'd have 4 or 5 disembodied heads swirling around him talking at the same time.  

They're more than capable of doing the job.  They're more than capable of not only figuring out how to play, but making the Celtics a better team.  But the C's are not focused on being bad-asses right now.  They're not the jerks that everyone thinks they are.  They're out there teaching.

And when they try to be bad-asses, no one's buying it.  That's why Doc says things like: 

"We were clearly a front-running team," Rivers said. "Then right when we got [the lead], you could see guys jumping around, puffing their chests out . . . and they made another run and we hung our heads again. So, I just thought [Chicago was] tougher in every way." 

The C's want be that team but they're not because they have all those new pieces.  But the thing is, they needed new pieces because just having Perk around wouldn't be the answer either.  The C's needed healthy bodies more than anything.  Paul Pierce would have been playing 40 minutes a game.  Von Wafer was our "maybe he can fill in" guy for Pierce afte Quis went down (doesn't that seem like forever ago?) and HE'S been out too.  The C's needed to do something… and they did. 

But that doesn't mean they can't be that team again.  They can turn it on.  The switch exists.  And, believe it or not, Jermaine O'Neal is going to help that (if he can stay healthy).  But the Celtics have to move on… and so do we.  The "we'd have won if Perk was here" sentiment is a myth.  I love Perk.  I love his toughness.  He's a bad-ass.  But the C's needed more than what Perk could give them.  That's the fact of the matter.   

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  • Handful of comments here to a really good piece:
    1. I’m unconvinced that this team can flip any switch, too, primarily because of the laundry list of issues before it. This isn’t a simple deal, with one guy playing poorly or playing bored. Saw a lot of low effort possessions last night, on both ends of the floor, and that concerns me.
    2. Green’s not getting enough time, and I suspect it’s because he’s been slow to pick up the defensive rotations. He’s CLEARLY skilled enough to defend the way we want him to. But as last night illustrates, he’s missing rotations and arriving late, etc.
    3. Interesting comments about Rondo and Rose. There are a couple of significant things that set Rose FAR apart from Rondo now – scoring ability and intensity. Rondo may be a better defender and passer on paper, but he’s not on the floor right now. His total lack of progress scoring the basketball and his inability to attack with the basketball on every possession amaze me. The key difference is that Rose is locked in on every possession; Rondo is far from that. Rondo’s at an interesting crossroads right now, following last night’s bitch-slapping by Rose: Does he ratchet up his game and go hard on every possession? Right now, I wonder if he hasn’t tuned Rivers out, which brings up an even more interesting dilemma this summer.
    4. As much as the anti-trade folks want this downturn to be about the loss of the great Bill Russell – er, Perkins – the ONLY place where that silly notion has any traction is between Rondo’s ears. And if that’s truly the case, then we have to move Rondo in the off season.
    5. If you downplay last night, I think you’re making a hideous mistake. Last night was a statement by the Bulls that we’re not on their level. And we’re not.

  • Rondo: “I don’t know what we’re waiting on.”
    I think he meant, “I don’t know what I’m waiting on.”

  • Rose is a very-talented player and deserves accolades. However, I was disgusted at the amount of “Celtics fans” that were gushing over him last night. Remember that this guy is one of the main obstacles standing between us and Banner 18.

  • thankfully the wizards are in town

  • Sorry, but he’s what I wish Rondo had become. He’s on another level from our guy, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Right now, the banner is a LONG way off. We have to get better – in a hurry – or we’re going to be watching the Finals on TV.

  • Just start the playoffs already.. the up/down is hard to watch.

  • Rondo has regressed, sadly. Rose hit all the check marks Rondo should have already done a year ago: improved jumpshot, improved free throws, extended range, leadership. Last year, you saw teams sagging off Rose, much like they do with Rondo. Not anymore. Nobody can seriously tell me Rondo can do anything for consecutive series with the 5 on 4 defense he faces. Not this year.
    But the worst sign last night was Rondo not competing hard enough. Like he’s above it or something. They better hope they miss Chicago in the playoffs because they are not winning a game 7 in their house.

  • Well being an optimist I’ll say this..sometimes losing to a team in the regular season that you will be facing in the post season is a good thing (see Jets vs Patriots) makes you angry looking to prove something…and it gives you a lot film that allows you to see the points in which you have to improve on..rather than when you beat a team..its possible a team gets content, cocky, fat and happy. After last nights game, i think the C’s have a lot to work on..they saw that the Bulls best shot is and now, if we face them again, will have a clear understanding of the areas they must improve on to win.
    and i couldnt agree with Kwapt more…I dont care who you are facing, you dont gush over the opponent..further more..a big point in this particular game was the ridiculous call on Pierce to give him his second foul because apparently the refs(and the league) are also gushing over rose..Pierce had made a couple shots early and would have got Deng into foul trouble had he stayed attacking..but he had to sit and that changed the momentum of this game completely.

  • If “gushing” over the opponent includes acknowledging that he bitch-slapped the guy Celtic Fan has annointed as the greatest point guard in the history of the franchise – sorry, Cooz, I know it’s stupid and I’m fighting the battle – clear back to the Stone Age, then guilty as charged.
    Rose killed Rondo last night – in every phase of the game.

  • Look, when it comes to Rondo, you guys are like the wives of spousal abusers. He’s really a good
    man, it’s just that he gets in a bad mood when he drinks. Which is 90% of the time. Please stop supporting the myth that Rondo is a great defensive player, who just happens to lack motivation sometimes. A great defensive player NEVER lacks motivation. A great defensive plsyer is the most insecure guy on the court. What makes him great is his inbred insecurity that the guy he’s guarding may show hom up and embarrass him. A great defensive player would rather die before he lets you get a step on him. It’s a matter of pride. Rondo wants a meeting with Doc. Give me a break. He isn’t good enough of a defender, plain and simple. Can’t you see the trail of bodies he’s left? EVERY person that he’s guarding this season has a run or an entire game where he goes off on Rondo. The list isn’t only the great point guards; it includes the fabulously mediocre – Jrue Holliday, Randy Foye, Brandon Jennings, Derrick Rose and on and on. They score at will on him or simply distort the play of the Bigs down under when he gets beaten off the dribble or splattered on a pick. Three years ago, these two guys had an amazing
    series against each other but yes, Rose spent his summers placating his insecurities by working on his game. Rondo spent
    them arrogantly riding on his laurels because people SAID he was a great defensive player and a member of the Big 4. As a
    result, he’s stayed in place while Rose has soared. He can’t stay in front of his man, he can’t hit 2 free throws in a row, and he
    can only hit more than two open jumpers in a row, every 5th game. This will not likely consistently turn around. You can’t
    improve these skills overnight. But last night was a testament to overall defense. Thibs has every Chicago player playing it and
    they simply locked Boston down in the end of the 3rd and the 4th. And Boston couldn’t lock them down. The whole team better
    take this as a wake up call. Last night Chicago was the better team. This is Red’s Army, right. If Red were coaching this team,
    Delonte would be starting unless and until Rondo was so insecure and angry that he started playing that way EVERY minute he
    was on the court. I know! I saw Red coach.

  • well clearly you guys dont know my stance on can ask the guys at redsarmy how i feel about rondo…but you can also ask anyone how i feel about the celtics.