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Taking Stock: C’s-Bulls

Taking stock


Buy Jermaine O'Neal: Like I said in the recap, the team has been better with him on the floor.  He will defend the rim and rebound, things the C's need with the first unit.  His minutes are purposely being kept low as he works his way back… but I'm buying him as legitimately being able to help this team.

Derrick Rose as the MVP:  I've been going back and forth on this.  I know the disciples of Hollinger will point to a bunch of numbers that paint Dwight Howard as the more valuable player.  But Howard has now been suspended TWICE for amassing technical fouls… while Rose puts on exhibitions like last night.  Stat heads can cry all they want… but I'm completely comfortable with Rose as the MVP

Sell The rest of the regular season:  I'm done guessing at when the C's will turn it on or off.  I'm just assuming that they're coasting through the next four games.  Maybe the mood will strike them against Miami… but it can come and go so quickly that I'm done guessing. 

Hold Everyone not named Jermaine O'Neal:  Pierce was sloppy, KG is tired, Ray's in his own head, and Rondo is in Rondo-land.  The've got 4 games to figure it all out.  Meanwhile, Krstic is clearly a second unit, 15 minute a game guy, Jeff Green needs to get much more aggressive, Delonte's injury seems to make his play unpredictable and Baby keeps throwing these dud games in the middle of good stretches.  After that effort last night, I'm not buying this team's desire to do what their mouths say they want to do.  

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  • I like pretty much all of the comments above. Classless, great point man, well done. This is exactly what I thought when the trade happened…WHO CARES if they didn’t really have anyone to back up Pierce for the 20 games left in the regular season. When the playoffs come, we know that Pierce’s minutes are going to go up, and as a result, Green’s minutes are going to go down. We’ve not only seen that he can’t rebound when he plays the 4, but we’ve seen that this idea that he supposedly can DEFEND 4’s is just not true either. Did you see him with Boozer last night? KG was doing a terrific job, then Green tries to guard him, and he was just simply overmatched. That being said, this is NOT Green’s fault. He’s simply being asked to do something that he can’t. Terrible, terrible trade. If the Celtics win the title, it’s because Shaq luckily got healthy and they had enough talent to begin the regular season with to make it despite being hindered considerably by this trade. If they don’t win the title, the trade was terrible. Either way, this trade was a complete fail, letter grade F, however you want to look at it. Do I think they won’t win it all? No. No one is saying they have no chance. But, this trade, for MANY reasons,–Krstic’s dreadful play and inability to even produce at the offensive end which is the one thing he was brought here to do, the loss of perkins, Shaq’s injury (which wouldnt have mattered as much if we still had perk), and the lack of minutes Green is going to get (so why make the trade?)–was just the wrong move to make. As I said before, no one said that Perkins is the best center in the league. But the effect of the trade makes it feel that way, because trades aren’t just about what the team looks like on paper. You have to look at the context, and in this context, it is the TRADE that was terrible. How good or bad Perkins was is not the whole story. To understand the whole story, you have to look at the chain in events that the trade made happen that are leaving the Celtics in a downward spiral. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, Shaq’s return (if it happens) and the excitement of the postseason can put an end to the spiral.

  • And for those who compare this years’ team to last years team and are claiming you aren’t worried at all:
    Rondo on last night’s game:
    “Think we need to play with a better sense of urgency,” he said before his meeting with Rivers. “It better be a wakeup call, if not, we won’t make it far. We’re a completely different team (than last year). It’s not the same team. We’re not going to be able to turn it on like we did year. I don’t know what we’re waiting on but these types of games we have to find a way to win. It’s a roller-caster and right now we went back down today.”

  • Agreed that Jeff Green cannot play the 4… especially against legit power forwards.
    As for Ray Allen, it pains me to watch him force it on offense. He needs to catch the ball off screens and fire. He threw a lot of garbage at the rim last night.

  • I agree with the Sell. Post-season please