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Rondo asks to meet with Doc

Via the Globe: 

Doc Rivers blamed himself for being unprepared and out-coached by close friend Tom Thibodeau while Rajon Rondo also acknowledged that the Celtics were unprepared for the onslaught of Derrick Rose and Co.

So Rondo requested a rare post-game meeting with Rivers likely to discuss matters. Rondo asked for the meeting and talked for a few minutes with Rivers in his office, perhaps to clear the air about play calling and Rondo's up-and-down performances.

Well…. this is interesting.  

Doc specifically talked to Rondo about walking the ball up after the Bulls scored.  We all know about Rondo's notorious stubbornness.  And everyone is writing about how he was noticeably upset after the loss.  

So what's the result of this meeting?  What's bugging Rondo to a point where he has to go to Doc and request a meeting?  Maybe we'll find out tonight. 

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  • too bad rondo can do everything but shoot outside jumpers

  • i love to see this rondo could be amazing if the coaches pointed out his vices and actually made him stop doing his stubborn style of walking up the ball one handed pass his reaching on defense. Rose tore apart rondo bc hes constantly trying to steal the ball when he should just play good d. last night he would play decent d for a little bit during a possesion but as soon as he would reach rose would burn him with a crossover and get to the hoop. If it wasnt for the celtics ability to help d rose would have had 80.

  • Rondo needs to put aside his stubborn attitude and play the way he was playing at the beggining of the season.
    Did any of you see when Ray had the ball on the far side at the 3 point line close to the corner after a fast break attempt that turned into Ray looking right at Rondo 5 feet away calling for the ball to set up a play and Ray COMPLETELY ignored him and threw it to the top of the key/3 point line to KG instead? Huh? Right when KG got the pass from allen he threw it RIGHT to Rondo where ray didn’t want to.
    I bet Rondo’s meeting has something to do with him and Ray. Ray is mad cause he’s missing everything and not getting more touches. Every team is gaurding Ray very close all game long. Hard for Rondo to keep feeding him more often when he is being tailed all game and has to shoot with guys in his face and keeps missing.
    Doc needs to find a way to get Ray open and free for an open three!!

  • …or shoot free throws, or finish layups consistently, or give maximum effort consistently.