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Recap: Celtics starters lead way over Wiz

(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

On a night where the bench provided little support, the Celtics starters delivered big time in a 104-88 victory over the Wizards.

Paul Pierce had 22 points and 12 rebounds in 40 minutes. Rajon Rondo bounced back from his shellacking in Chicago with 20 points, 14 assists and 6 stelas in 42 minutes. KG cranked out another double-double (15 points, 11 rebounds) in 33 minutes.

I don't mind the big minutes for Pierce and Rondo because I believe the Celtics must play all-out for the 2nd seed (The Heat also won).

After allowing a ghastly 33 points in the 2nd quarter, the Celtics tightened the screws defensively in the 2nd half allowing 32 points.

Delonte West was ejected in the 2nd quarter after picking up two quick technical fouls.

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  • i still can’t get over how shitty march was. hopefully they respond and hold their own on sunday.

  • Sloppy. 17 turnovers and 1 of 12 from 3-point land. Missed layups still haunting us too. It is what it is-a win over the lowly Wiz. Going to miss Sunday’s game as I’ll be at my bro’s wedding. At this point, I couldn’t tell you which Celtics team will show up. Thank GOD the playoffs start next week-this last 6 weeks has sucked the life out of me and the rest of CelticNation.

  • yeah, WTF is up with all these missed lay-ups? Is Rondo playing some kind of game where he has to put a circus-shot back-spin on every lay-up he gets? He gets to the cup as good as anyone but for some reason he’s not finishing well lately.
    Kwapt…you know there’s gonna be a TV somewhere at the reception.

  • Ha ha…wedding starts at 3pm though so I might catch some of 4th. You know I’ll peeking at the score on my smartphone. God forgive me.

  • So 32 minutes for Pierce vs. Chicago but 40 vs. Washington? Pfffff Yeah…makes sense :/

  • I can only say one thing. Not impressed.
    We demand more of this team. If there is a switch, it better be primed. Its just about time to get down to business. If we still can.
    I really wish we had a bit of a cushion record-wise so we could play guys like Green and Krstic 40 minutes a game.
    Am I the only one totally sick and tired of seeing Green constantly camped out on the corner-perimeter? Doc, get his ass where it belongs. In or near the paint, where his athleticism and offensive talent can make a difference. Out there, he’s useless to us.

  • I'd chalk it up to fatigue period. When you're tired, you get sloppy. Didn't help matters when DWest got tossed 6 mins in for calling the ref a "b*tch."

  • ha, That must be what Doc meant by saying West didn’t say much but he must have said the right thing. True that West probably would have logged a lot of minutes had he not been in foul trouble/tossed.

  • Yeah..1st he said "man that's some bullsh*t.." got the T, then walked up to the ref & said "b*tch."