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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics are old, slow and shallow

Enemy chatter

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Chicago.

Are the Celtics going to flip the switch in the playoffs?   I don't think there is a switch they can flip that makes them better than the Bulls.   The Bulls are simply better than Boston.  I've said it since preseason, the Boston Celtics do not scare me.   They didn't scare me then, they sure as hell don't scare me now.

They're old.   They're slow.   They're shallow.   They don't have anyone up front anymore.    Yep, maybe I'm jinxing it.  Maybe the Celtics come back from the dead and beat Miami in the playoffs, but I sure as hell am not betting on it.  Mark these words, barring an injury to one of Miami's big three, we just played Boston for the last time, and if by some miracle, that proves incorrect, we should celebrate, because it will make things all the easier for us.

Chicago Now

Wow… now that's arrogance. A bit surprising considering this Bulls team has yet to win a playoff series. And does this guy know the Celtics and Bulls split the season series?

This clown loses some credibility with the "shallow" comment. Despite a collective -39 last night, the Celtics bench is solid. I'll take Delonte, Nads, Jeff Green and Glen Davis against Granddady Kurt Thomas, Ashton Kutcher, Taj Gibson and Ronnie Brewer.

On Page 2, Rondo and Rose's hammer-nail rivalry.

Boston, in theory an elite team with one of the best defensive PGs in the NBA, simply can't stop him.   Rondo has no chance.   Rose just crushes him.  Some would say that they have a rivalry, but the hammer doesn't have a rivalry with the nail.   I'll let you figure out who is who in that analogy.

Is D-Rose a better player than Rondo – hell yes. I think most Celtics fans would agree. But this notion that Rondo can't hold his jock is laughable.

Let's flashback to December 3. Rajon drops 10 points, 19 assists and +29 in the Celtics dominant 104-92 win over the Bulls. Yes, Rose had 20 and 8, but he also posted a ridiculous -29.

And what about the 2009 playoffs? Rondo only averaged 19 ppg, 11 apg and 9 rpg.

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  • Wow. Are you kidding me? No resect at all. Fuck that.

  • They’re certainly old. They were slow last night too. We’ll see if they (and everyone else) are shallow, very soon.
    The C’s are in the position where not only is anything less than a championship a failure, anything less than a championship spells the end of the run for these guys. They may trot out the same guys next year, but I cant imagine Doc coming back unless it’s to defend a title.

  • The criticism of the performance last night is legitimate and accurate. Whether that carries over to the playoffs remains to be seen.

  • The Bulls shot the ball well last night and out played us.
    not worried. everything new and exciting in the playoffs

  • Also,
    Rose when making jumpers and hitting 3’s is the best player in the league.
    Rondo ain’t far behind. Rose will be one of G.OA.T. Until his body gives out.
    you still have to make shots and execute still not worried, its why its a 7 game series

  • Boston will be lucky to get past Miami and has no hope against Lebron and Cleveland. Remember that?

  • Last year Cleveland shredded us in the regular season,and what happened to them in the playoffs.Bitch Slapped! I`m really not worried about the playoffs. Please,write us off,I hope everyone does.Please piss this team off.We weren`t even fouling these babies hard. We were playing them at half throttle. I hope they get cocky and complacent about us. Gotta beat the Celtics to get through the Eastern conference,not the Bulls. Eastern conference champs until someone beats us in a series.

  • Some one should give this guy a shallow kick in the ass. Shallow. What an asshole.

  • Did anybody see that Scottie Pippen Statue? What a disgrace to Pippen. Atleast give the man a full statue,better yet ditch the colors.