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Your Morning Dump… KG is killing them with kindness

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"Oh my God. Derrick Rose has taken probably 100 notches of a takeoff from where he started," Garnett said. "Nothing has shocked me about anything he's obtained. And the fact that he's taken his team, put it on his back, his progression, the sense that he's still humble to it all, the fact that he's taken his team to the next level. Tom [Thibodeau] putting the guys around him, some quality guys, a good combination of not just good, but older vets, and some younger players around him.

"They look like they play really free minded and knowing Thibs and knowing how he is, I didn't expect anything less than what he's done. So yeah, I'm happy for Derrick, too. He's one of my favorite guys to sit back and watch. A beast to play against, but [he's] one of my favorite guys [in] how he approaches the game."

ESPN Boston

It's rare for KG to heap such praise on opposing players, but I'm on to him. The old kill-them-with-kindness battle tactic.

Get them feeling really good about themselves before you walk into the United Center and bitch slap the entire city of Chicago.

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On Page 2, are we underestimating Jermaine O'Neal's defense?

But there's no mistaking the 6-foot-11 center has made an impact in the one area the Celtics have been sorely lacking since trading away Kendrick Perkins on Feb. 24 — interior defense.

Boston has ranked among the NBA's leaders in scoring defense all season, and are currently tops in the NBA by giving up just 90.8 points per game.

In the last four games — three Celtics wins — that number has dropped to 89.3 points per game. O'Neal has started the last two games, and the Celtics have given up just 86 points per game.

Now that can't all be attributed to the return of O'Neal. But having him back certainly hasn't hurt.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers has been singing the praises of O'Neal ever since he returned to the lineup.


Jermaine's bar for success was set so low, my two year old could jump over it. But he's helping, and that's all we can ask.

As you'll read later today in my Celtics/Bulls preview, Jermaine's defense of Joakim Noah will be a key factor in tonight's game.

Editor's Note: My apologies for the rather thin Morning Dump, but there really isn't much out there.

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  • I noticed Jermaine’s defensive impact in Tuesday night’s game — granted he was covering Spencer Hawes, but still. Maybe, just maybe, he could help us get where we need to be.

  • J.O. has looked good almost every minute he’s been on the floor since coming back. And we need him now almost as much as in the playoffs.
    Here’s something we can talk about to pass the morning work hours:
    The Lakers losing to G.S. last night was pretty huge. We’re now tied in loss column. If we end up with same records and meet up in the finals, LA would get homecourt advantage due to better record against the East (21-9) than our record against the West (19-11).
    I think best case for us we’re looking at a 4-1 finish in last 5 games. There will be no losing to Washington, but even if we can beat both Chicago and Miami, that brings us to the Knicks next Wed after having playing 2 back2backs from Thurs-Monday.
    LA faces Portland, OKC, SA, and Sacto. Hopefully they’ll go 2-2.
    In general, there’s been a lot of talk about seeding. I don’t really think it matters too much for C’s when you’re talking about flying to Florida or Chicago. Yes home crowd and being on your own floor is great, but for us I think it’s more about fatigue than environment.
    I think it’s a much bigger deal when you’re talking about flying back and forth across the country. So, my question:
    If you could only choose one and not both, would you rather have home court against the Heat in the conference semifinals, or home court against the Lakers in the finals?
    Granted the Heat might lose to the Knicks or we might end up facing someone else in the finals, but who amongst us really thinks either of those will happen? As for our chances against the Bulls in playoffs – tonight should be a pretty good indicator!

  • Nice synopsis of the Celts end-of-season situation.
    I think having HCA over the Lakers is what I want. Not nearly as worried about the Heat.