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Recap: Rose goes nuts, C’s wilt

Rose in the lane Derrick Rose went absolutely nuts on the C's… dazzling everyone with an array of wild layups that will be all over Sports Center.  Just a fair warning… if you're watching a sports show… you're going to see a lot of Derrick Rose highlights. 

The Celtics made it close going into halftime, but then Luol Deng started to go off in the second half, and the Celtics just kinda stopped trying for stretches.  The end result, a 97-81 Bulls win that for all intents and purposes locks up the #1 seed for them.

The Bulls reputation as a top defensive team is well earned.  The Celtics didn't have a lot of open looks.  But the Celtics also did the Bulls a few favors by missing a ton of layups (I counted 6 misses layups going into the 4th quarter.  That's 12 points left on the floor… and they just happened to be down 11 at the time). The C's did a lot of standing around out there too.  

Let me clarify that for the Bulls fans who will misinterpret when I just wrote as an excuse.  The Bull defended the Celtics well when the C's tried… and then the C's went stretches where the Bulls really didn't have to defend at all because Boston just kinda played lazy 1-on-1 ball.

The only player in green that I have nothing negative to say about is Jermaine O'Neal.  The C's were noticeably better with him on the floor.  But Doc limited him to 14 minutes.  And before people read too much into JO's impact and twist that into a "see… that's why we need Perkins"… just stop it.  Please.

I miss Perk too.  I really do.  The C's have struggled since the trade. But Perk is now being built up to a mythological status that is just not accurate.  The Celtics' struggles are contributing to that because people are turning "Perk's not here" + "C's struggling" into 1+1=2.  That's just not true.  We'll get into that more tomorrow… but I just want to lay that out there now.  

Rajon Rondo has flashes of brilliance… but they were few and far between.  Rose blew by him way too often.  And when he was aggressive, it paid off.  But he only attacked sporadically.   KG struggled, shooting 3-9… which is a credit to Joakim Noah playing him really tough.  Ray Allen was non-existent, shooting 3-11.  And Paul Pierce was kinda lazy… turning the ball over 4 times on really half-assed passes. 

As for the bench: Jeff Green runs hot and cold.  He had a decent night scoring in the post.  But he only had 2 boards in 19 minutes.  I guess that's who he is so I'll have to stop harping on that.  He was also a -10 and his blown defensive assignment early in the 3rd caused Doc to call a quick timeout so he could shoot him a death stare for about a full minute.  Delonte West played alright but he had 3 turnovers too. 

And then there's Big Baby… who was 1 of 8 and generally ineffective… justifying my continuing reluctance to "buy" him in our "taking stock" pieces.  He keeps dropping nights like this every time I'm ready to really buy into him.  Maybe he's just gassed.  He's a career 20 minute a game guy and he's playing 30 minutes a game this season (34 minutes in the 3 April games).  Maybe its all catching up to him. 

If this game proves anything, its that the C's are not going to get caught up in this whole "sending a message" thing.  We fans do, but they won't.  KG played 30 minutes in this game and it wasn't because Doc pulled the starters in a blowout.  His minutes are being limited.  Paul only played 32 minutes.  There's no way that happens in a playoff game. 

Does this mean I'm discounting Chicago as threat to Banner 18?  Not at all.  They proved they are worthy of the #1 seed and they're a really, really good team.  But we did not see the playoff Celtics tonight.  They didn't play playoff minutes and they didn't play with playoff intensity.  The Bull might still win a playoff series against Boston… but if they do, they'll beat a better team than they played tonight. 

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  • when you do your “Taking Stock” column tomorrow, I hope you sell everything you have invested in Nads. I don’t care what he gives on offense, the man is a cancer on defense.
    Sell Davis, too.

  • doc telling rondo not walk the ball up was embarrassing. besides rose going nuts this game was won on defense. beware come playoff time this team will be buried and gased out. anyone smelling a 76ers upset?

  • Nothing to add, since you captured the game in its entirety.
    Just let me say that it’s refreshing to find some reality on the Web about the Celtics. There are a bunch of things going on here, from a point guard who hasn’t contributed consistently for six weeks – Rondo was a real ball stopper tonight, again – to stars whose games are alternately hot and cold to poor defense from everyone. None of which can be fixed by Perkins.
    If nothing else, you’ve elevated your own game tonight. While other sites are busy offering up excuses for the beloved Rondo and waxing stupid about Perkins like he was a Kennedy cut down in his prime, props to you. It’s nice to find someone who understands the game and the Celtics.

  • “The only player in green that I have nothing negative to say about is Jermaine O’Neal. The C’s were noticeably better with him on the floor. But Doc limited him to 14 minutes. And before people read too much into JO’s impact and twist that into a “see… that’s why we need Perkins”… just stop it. Please.”
    Thank you so much RedsArmy for finally saying that the Celtics need him on the floor and not Krstic. They are a BETTER team when Krstic is NOT on the floor, because Jermaine makes that difference defensively. I don’t care how much you people who love Krstic think he is good offensively, it DOESN’T MATTER. He REALLY hurts them defensively. I could name you many more plays where this happened, but just for starts:
    First play in for Krstic, he goes out to hedge on a ballscreen bottom left side of your screen. Now, if you know basketball well, you know that when you recover on defense the ball is now on the strong side of the floor (so you are now on the weak side), you need to recover back to your HELP POSITION and not to your man. Krstic of course, goes immediately back to his man, turns his head away from the ball, finally realizes too late where he’s supposed to be, and bam…dunk for the bulls. Go back and look at your “DVR” like Banner18 talks about he does and check it out. Another example is in the picture above. That play he was on the week side and again was watching his man and didn’t rotate late. So, whether it’s how slow he is, or the fact that he doesn’t know the defense, the problem is that he’s not making the rotations fast enough, and it is COSTING THE CELTICS. Is defense their only problem? Absolutely not. But, when the Celtics had Perk, or even Shaq…or even Jermaine at times, they were able to win these LOW scoring games because they were able to hold the other team in the 70’s as well.
    Lastly, I am kind of getting sick of this whole “small ball” thing Doc is doing. I understand it is partly because Shaq is out, and partly because he is resting guys, but it is really hurting them. This, I think, is the problem with their offense too, not just their defense. The point of playing small ball is to be quicker than the other team, run out, and get easy baskets. The problem is, the Celtics are NOT getting stops with the small lineup (thus not running) and even when they do get stops with that lineup they often don’t run. As a result, they are handicapping themselves at BOTH ends of the floor with the small lineup. The good news is, hopefully this will change in the playoffs, assuming this 39 year old man we are trusting since making the Perkins deal can come back and play some minutes for them.
    RedsArmy, no one is making Perk out to be a mythological figure. What people who really know basketball are saying is that not having him just makes them have to rely on having Shaq on the court, which in and of itself is a problem, because when he’s not out there (even worse when him and Jermaine aren’t out there), this team CLEARLY struggles on both ends due to this “small ball” they are forced to play. But, I’m glad someone finally agrees that Krstic’s “offensive prowess” that many people say he has is negated by his inability to help the Celtics on the defensive end, and the Celtics are CLEARLY a better team with the other guys on the floor.
    For all of you that disagree with me now and have been disagreeing, look at his +/- game by game since joining this team…even in the games he was scoring a lot (about 2). He was scoring, but they were giving up way more points when he was in. If you STILL disagree, wait and see when the playoffs come if he’s playing good minutes, and if he’s forced to, wait and see what the result is.

  • and no, GreenbeanD, the Celtics will NOT lose in the first round. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Even with the way they are playing now they wouldn’t. You’re crazy.

  • Once again Rose torches Rondo, only PG in the league that Rondo simply cannot check. Rondo was literally scared driving to the rim and throwing up weak layups because Rose plays him so well offensively and defensively. Thats the problem because we all know this team goes as Rondo goes… This was probably one of the more frustrating games of the season tonight. They win tonight they have a good shot at the #1 seed AND stay with Lakers for the better record too which to me is so crucial and no one is talking about that

  • Totally disagree with you on Perkins, whose skills are being conflated on other sites to a level of absurdity.
    There were numerous occasions tonight when the C’s had people at the rim to defend it. They didn’t do it. Garnett’s effort at the rim was as poor as anything I’ve seen. Others failed as well.
    People need to stop the attempts to compare Krstic directly to Perkins in an attempt to defend their anguish. Krstic was NEVER acquired as a front-line center. He was a stopgap until the O’Neal brothers returned, and clearly tonight you can see Jermaine evolving into the role that Ainge envisioned when the deal was made. Shaq? Perhaps his tank is empty. I do not know.
    What I do know is that the Celtics would have been idiotic to pay Perkins almost $10 million a year for his limited skillset. We’re already saddled with what’s becoming clearly a similar contract for a point guard whose offense is never going to be acceptable and whose mental comprehension is questionable.

  • There are a couple of points here: Rose is the PG that Rondo cannot check. There are others he’s not interested enough to check. And meanwhile, his inability to score the basketball continues to be an issue – an unacceptable issue. When Rondo is engaged, he is a very good point guard – not Rose great, clearly, but very good. Problem is, he has not been engaged for quite awhile. We’ll see how the playoffs play out.

  • Embarrassing. They were sloppy at times in the first half and at the beginning of the 2nd half, then it was just embarrassingly pathetic. Outplayed in every aspect.
    Thom Thib’s has them playing our old defense too by the way.

  • Ainge has built a team here whose success starts with Rondo. And his play was so poor tonight, and has been so sub-par since the deadline, that I am not at all prepared to rule any eventuality out in the playoffs.

  • Agreed. We lost every single phase of the game tonight. Dominated. Or as Garnett said after the game, “Keep it real. We got our ass kicked tonight.”

  • I’m not even gonna bother with Rondo. Its crystal clear he’s not in Rose’s class anymore.
    The issue with this post is you state “if this was Playoffs, Pierce would have played more minutes.” Then why did they trade for Green? If he’s going to play less than 15 minutes, this trade was pointless because it doesn’t solve the starters being gassed, yet still weakens the frontline. They can’t play Green at the 4 because, as you stated correctly, he simply cant/won’t rebound.
    Again, just shows how you can’t quantify team chemistry with stats.

  • Losing Thibodeau may have been the bigger loss than Perk

  • exactly…anybody wondering where the vaunted Celtic defense has gone…its gone to Chicago.

  • Effin A right man….
    I tell you what, Doc BETTER sign up beyond this season. To think we missed out on Thibs for one more year of Doc, then the inevitable bailout to Miami or Orlando would be like a punch in the balls.
    Sign the fuckin contract Doc.

  • Thibs showed us how the Celtics once played..
    They outplayed us under every aspect. Your recap is strangely long, maybe I could shorten it in a few words: they’re a better basketball team than we are right now.
    C’s are painful to watch. They lost their identity, it’s like they look at themselves and don’t find anybody when things go wrong; they are the first not to believe their chances, and you can feel it. For some reason the trade killed this team.

  • I’m surprised at how many people are writing this team off based on last night. I am frustrated with Rondo and nervous about his matchup with Rose, but from what we have seen over the past few seasons when the playoffs come Rondo kicks it into a whole new gear. That is what drives this team, he was the driving force behind us beating the cavaliers last year and will be the driving force with us getting by Miami this year. Chicago is going to be one hell of a battle but I still like our chances in a 7 game series. The more frustrating part about last night to me was our playoff seeding against LA. We need to get HCA over LA and last night was crucial for that.

  • I’ve really had my fill of Big Baby. Bad decisions, worse shot selection. I really hope Danny thinks twice before resigning if this is the Glen Davis we are going to get.

  • I would not get to worried about this. I personally think J.O will help things and I like how Doc is keeping his minutes pretty low. You can tell the difference on the D when hes in. Hopefully J.O stays healthy enough to play about 20 minutes a game. Plus I would rather the Celts lose to the Bulls right before play offs to have a bad taste in there mouth and not get to cocky. I would not be suprised if Celtics end up the 3 seed in the East.

  • At what point, though, do you tire of an eight-digit player picking his spots? I don’t see Rose mailing games in the way Rondo’s done since the deadline.
    I’m unconvinced, at this point, that Rondo’s going to flip a switch in the playoffs. I’d like to think so, driven by the schooling he took last night from Rose, but the dominant image of him since his binky was traded was that laconic walk-it-up last night, and then pound the ball at the top of the key until seven seconds are left on the shot clock.
    Like the poster below, I’ve also about run out of patience with Davis. He’s turned into the black hole that was McHale, absent Kevin’s ability to score the basketball. Perhaps Davis would like to be relocated to New Orleans in the off-season, too.