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Eye on the enemy extra: featuring just the Bulls

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With the Boston Celtics in Chicago to take on the Bulls in what could well end up as an Eastern Conference preview, we'll focus just on the Bulls and what they're saying coming into the game. 

Chicago Tribune: Video: Deng, Thibodeau talk about the C's matchup
Sun Times:  Have the Bulls peaked?

When a team has won 16 of its last 18 games, that’s a question that should be asked delicately. But after another lackluster home victory, it can’t be ignored either.

The Bulls emerged as a championship contender with an eye-opening 15-3 stretch after the West Coast trip in February. They beat the Spurs and Heat at home and the Heat and Magic on the road, then won seven games in an eight-game stretch by an average of 21 points, capped by 30-point blowouts of the Kings and Hawks on the road. They looked unbeatable.

Since then, the Bulls started showing signs of a team that has hit a mental, if not physical, wall. They’ve struggled to put away the Grizzlies, Bucks, Pistons, Raptors and Suns — borderline playoff contenders at best. They lost decisively to the 76ers at home. The only blowout was against the hapless Timberwolves.

Blog A Bull: Lots of recent posts about how things feel different recently.  The Bulls have won 6 of 7, but no game has been easy on that stretch, and it's particularly concerning with the playoffs a week away.

There have been some ideas about what the cause is: Noah's health, Boozer's health, Rose/Watson/Gibson/Bogans being banged up, teams finding success using small lineups.  I looked at the basketballvalue lineup data to try to test these, and you download the spreadsheet here.  As a qualifier, because of the sample sizes, this post is meant to try to figure out what happened instead of what's happening, if that makes any sense

ESPN Chicago:  Video – Should the Bulls rest their starters?



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  • Scal was on 98.5 this morning. He talked about how the Bulls were excited that Perkins was traded away. Mentally, they felt that made the Celtics easier to beat. Talked about how Perks interior D and pick and roll D was best in the league (along with KG).

  • what is the spread and should i bet on Celtics redsarmy nation let me know it 12:30 on my day off I am morning drunk!!!!

  • Funny. The bloggers are worried about HOW they won 6 out of 7, and if they are strong enough. We are worried about health, so are they. Puts our concerns into perspective a bit.
    still need Shaq Baq! There’s an O/U for Jester, Game 1 of Rd 1?

  • Hats off to the Bulls. Total ass kicking tonight. Better in every phase of the game, and Rose absolutely owned Rondo tonight.
    So let the excuses for the Great Rondo begin, and let the blame be placed on The Trade.